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Blackout blinds, blackout materials and blackout kits

easynight(TM) is our latest blackout blind!    

**NEW travel Blackout Blind**  Now available in 3 sizes!

We are really pleased to introduce easynight(TM) portable blackout blind - The new blackout blind you can tailor to suit you, and take wherever you go! 

Special Introductory Price from £9.95, for a limited time!

Why don't other blackout blinds work?

Most blackout blinds and blackout curtains have gaps around the sides, top and bottom, and inevetably light pours in, no matter how good the quality of the blackout fabric. Easyblinds blackout blinds succeed where others fail and successfully block outside light by closing those gaps, it is as simple as that! Our range of blackouts includes...

Easyblackout kit : easyblackout material attaches directly to hook Velcro® on the window frame, eliminating gaps where light can enter around the window. Apply and remove blackout blind as required. There is no need to change existing curtains or blinds, simply add an easyblackout blind for a great blackout solution...

Easynight travel blackout blind : portable, very effective, lighweight, this blind uses suction cups to attach to the window glass, and can also use 3M Command(TM) Strips on the window frame (not included, available separately).  Versatile and large enough at up to 2.3m x 1.45m to cover most windows easily, and take away that uncertainty when going somewhere new if you don't know the window size!

Original Velcro® blackout blind kit : Includes 3-pass blackout material, hook Velcro® and loop tape. Cut blackout material to size, apply self-adhesive hook Velcro® to window frame and loop tape to material. Attach and remove blackout blind as required. There is no need to change existing curtains or blinds, simply add an easyblind™.

Go Anywhere portable blackout blinds for home or holiday use : Using easyblackout material and strong suction cups to attach to the window, these portable blackout blinds are ideal for use wherever a quick or temporary blackout is required.

Blackout material : Premium 3-pass blackout material in white, cream and black. Does not fray, no hemming required, available 1.3m and 2.7m wide.

Stick On blackout kit : For complete temporary blackout. Lightweight blackout sheet and repositionable adhesive tape. Easy to use and completely lightproof temporary blackout blind solution in 3 sizes, up to 2m x 3m!

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