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suction cups for 'go anywhere', 'easyblackout' and 'easynight' (x10)
suction cups for 'go anywhere', 'easyblackout' and 'easynight' (x10)

Take your blackout blinds wherever you go...


suction cups for 'go anywhere', 'easyblackout' and 'easynight' (x10)

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Strong and reliable, these suction cups can be attached to glass, and will hold easyblackout and Go Anywhere blackout materials (but not original blackout material).

They can also be used with easynight fabric when it is fitted with wide loop strips or self-adhesive wide loop tape.

When using suction cups to hold your blackout blind, more should be used along the top as this is where most of the weight is held, with additional suction cups down the sides and along the bottom as required to hold the blackout close to the window.  If there is excess fabric at the sides, then two or three should be used in each of the top two corners.

The window glass should be completely clean and dry before attaching the suction cup.

Each pack includes 10 suction cups.

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