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Go Anywhere portable blackout blind

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NEW Go Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind has all sorts of uses - professional, home, travel or holiday - wherever temporary blackout is required.

Now available in 3 sizes:

Small includes easyblackout blackout material, 1.3m x 1m, and 10 double suction cups

Regular includes easyblackout blackout material, 1.3m x 1.5m, and 10 double suction cups

Large includes easyblackout blackout material, 1.3m x 2m and 16 double suction cups

All in a handy carry bag 

How it works  

  1. Using strong double suction cups, this blackout blind can be attached to windows and doors, either to the glass or uPVC frame.The suction cups can be attached anywhere on one side of the material, making this product flexible and versatile.
  2. The double suction cups have one ‘cup’ inside another for added strength.
  3. Each double suction cup has a disc at the back with a ‘hooked’ finish which will attach anywhere on one side of the blackout material (similar to Velcro® hook and loop fasteners).
  4. The material can be removed from the suction cups for re-positioning as required to ensure best fit on the window.
  5. The material can be cut to size if needed, and if a larger area is required, several blinds can be overlapped.

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