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easyblackout blackout material, white and cream

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Easyblackout fabric is 1.3m wide, and available in the lengths above.  This fabric can be used either way around, so the 1.3m side can be used for either the width or the height of your window.

This material attaches directly to hook Velcro®, our suction cups and also to 3M Command(TM) Strips , available separately.  Whichever method you choose should be arranged around the window or frame as appropriate, then simply press easyblackout material against it for a great blackout blind!

For use with any of the following:

  • our self-adhesive hook Velcro® on upvc window frames
  • our suction cups - these can be used on glass so you can take your blackout anywhere!
  • or 3M Command(TM) Strips which are ideal for use on either upvc or painted wooden frames.

Please note:

  • you don't need Loop Velcro® with this material!  One side of this material attaches directly to all of the 3 options listed above.
  • Cream and white easyblackout fabrics are both white on the reverse (window side)

Cut to size, easyblackout blackout material doesn't fray, so there is no need to hem!

For best blackout, it is important to ensure that the blackout fabric is slightly larger than the window frame so that there is an excess of approximately 1-2cm on each of the four sides - this excess will lean against the window frame cutting out light that might otherwise pass around the sides.

Command(TM) is a trademark of 3M

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