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easyblackout blackout material, 1.3m wide

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This material attaches directly to hook Velcro® - we have self-adhesive hook Velcro® which you can stick around the window frame, then simply press easyblackout material against the frame for a great blackout blind!

for use with our self-adhesive hook Velcro® or our suction cups - these can be used on glass so you can take your blackout anywhere!

Please note, you don't need Loop Velcro® with this material!  One side of this material attaches directly to Hook Velcro® on the window frame, or our suction cups on the glass.


Total exclusion of light. Perfect for making blackout blinds for bedrooms, home cinemas, schools etc.

Cut to size, easyblackout blackout material doesn't fray, so there is no need to hem!

easyblackout blackout material is compatible with both hook Velcro® and our suction cups

  1. Available in cream and white
  2. 1.3m wide
  3. Purchase by the metre, if you order more than one metre, we will send it all in one continuous piece

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