Better sleep for toddlers

I’ve written before about the biological importance of darkness in maintaining the health of your baby or toddler, and in regulating behaviour through better sleep patterns. I think there are some other more enigmatic reasons to use blackout curtains too, ones that only reveal themselves to parents sat pondering in the darkness during that midnight feed!

Your child’s room is, I would wager, a beautiful space. You’ve taken the time to arrange their furniture, hang sweet pictures on the walls for them to look at and placed their toys and books around the room with love and care. It’s not just for your peace of mind, it’s also to engage your child and make them feel safe and happy in that place. For all the good, there is of course the side effect that sometimes your child will want to play in their room when they should be asleep! Without blackout material keeping their room dark, that bookcase of books or chest of favourite toys is like the oasis in the desert of boredom; they can see it shimmering and they want to dive on in. In the summer months, or in a city or town with bright street lighting, it’s going to be hard to keep them in their beds or prevent them spotting a toy they want to play with at 3am. Blackout curtains mean you can essentially hide their toys in plain sight.

Another benefit to blacking out windows is that you can turn your child’s bed into a tiny island in the darkness. They’ll feel safe and secure wrapped up in their covers with just their nightlight and a teddy (or twenty) for company, instead of having a shaft of orange streetlight casting an eerie shadow from that otherwise innocent looking dolly sat near the window!

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