Choosing A Buggy For Baby

If you are expecting a baby, a pushchair is likely to be one of your biggest, and most exciting purchases.

It’s one of those things that you probably never considered before your pregnancy, but as soon as you start working through the list of ‘baby essentials’  the pushchair is there, at the top of the list.  And then you’ll start to see them everywhere. You may even end up chatting to complete strangers about their choice of baby transportation.

I developed something of a buggy obsession when mine were small enough to still need them, and spent hours searching for the ‘perfect pushchair’. I’d need to use both hands and at least one of my feet to count the total of different models I’ve had. I still have three sitting in the garage somewhere.

So what do you need to take into account when buying a pushchair?

First of all, decide on a budget. Think about the most you are willing to pay for this bit of kit, and stick to it. Don’t let yourself even glance in the direction of anything out of your budget. When you are shopping with a bump, it’s very easy to have your head turned by stylish looks and pretty colours. Pregnancy hormones are not trustworthy shopping companions.

Secondly, ask yourself what does a baby want from a pushchair? When it’s tiny, all it needs is somewhere comfortable to lie and hopefully sleep.  So make sure the seat lies completely flat, or has a carry cot component. It’s also handy  if  a pushchair allows a car seat to clip onto it, so you can transfer your slumbering infant smoothly from the car to the pushchair.

Babies like to be able to see their parents while being pushed, so look for a buggy that allows your child to face you.  And make sure the pushchair has a hood, so that you can fit a Snoozeshade Buggy Blackout Blind to it. Newborn babies will normally fall asleep when they are tired no matter what, but as they get older, and more nosey, it will help to be able to block out the outside world to encourage them to take a nap.

Thirdly, What do YOU want from a pushchair? Are you going to walk everywhere , so need something comfortable to push for long periods? Or will you use a car and/or public transport frequently, so need something that will fold up easily? Are you going to walk on pavements or go off road? Will you need a decent sized shopping basket?  Try and put function and practicality before colour and style.

It may be that the pushchair you buy for your newborn turns out not to suit your toddler or older child. Don’t worry, there is a thriving market in second hand buggies. If you sell a fairly new, well looked after buggy, you will be able to get a good chunk of the purchase price back. With any luck you’ll get a good enough price that you can start shopping for pushchair number 2 imminently.

Good luck and have fun!

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