The Wonder Of Velcro

Many people think of velcro as a recent invention, but it was invented over 70  years ago. The name ‘Velcro’ is actually  the brand name of the first commercially marketed hook and loop fastener, but today we tend to use  the word to mean any similar fastener.

The inspiration for Velcro came to the inventor after he’d spent too much time trying to remove burrs from his clothing and his dogs’s coat. Being a curious kind of guy, and having  a handy microscope nearby, he noted the hundreds of hooks on the seed heads that caught on anything with a loop. He had a light bulb moment and the idea of velcro was born. It took 10 years to come up with a design that worked; the first prototype was made from cotton and proved a dismal failure. The nylon and polyester fastener we recognise today was the result of much trial and error and was named by blending two French words; velours (“velvet”) and crochet (“hook”).

Today the ‘zipperless zipper’ is used for everyday applications as varied as shoe fastenings for kids ( and adults!) who can’t tie shoe laces, to fastening nappies and holding equipment in place in army tanks. A glass backed velcro is used in space for astronauts suits and to anchor equipment to stop it floating away. There is even a patch of velcro inside each helmet which is used as a nose scratcher.

And of course, velcro is an integral part of fastening our Easyblackout Blackout Blinds to window frames. Without velcro they wouldn’t be Easy at all.




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