Night Lights

If you have succeeded in blacking out your baby or child’s room out completely with good quality black out blinds, you will find that you need a night light in their room.

A night light is a dim electrical light, not bright enough to read by, but giving off enough light to see the layout of the room with. Installing one will stop you having to turn on the main light if you have to go in to them in the middle of the night and make it easier to re-settle your child.

Some children prefer a  to have a dim light on all night; they don’t like waking up to find their room is pitch black. A night light can them find a drink at night, or help them get back under their covers without having to wake you up. And as your child gets older, stops wearing nappies and might need to visit the toilet at night, a night light in the hallway can help them make their own way to the bathroom.

Nightlights come in a variety of  forms and functions. Get the dimmest one that does the job, as if it’s too bright it may disturb your child’s sleep.

Some night lights simply plug into the closest light socket, whereas others have a flexible cord and allow you to place the light somewhere that might suit you and your child better.

Other nightlights come with timers that switch them off after a length of time and others are movement or sound sensitive, so only switch on if your child gets out of bed or cries. There are even battery powered versions disguised as soft toys for if your child wants to take the the light to bed with them.

There have been some papers published in the past that suggested that children’s eyesight can be damaged by sleeping with a night light but more recent research has shown that this is not the case.


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