SnoozeShade Buggy Blackout Blind

You used to see them all the time; women with buggies and prams with blankets or jackets hanging over the front of them. Some would be walking along carefully, stopping every now and again to check their makeshift cover hasn’t dislodged. Others would be sitting in cafes, looking up from their lattes now and again to check on their charges.

But blankets and jackets were tricky to fix securely to a buggy; they tended to slip off just as you rounded a corner and your sleeping baby got woken up by face full of sun.  Nightmare.

These days mums no longer have to carefully arrange stray items of clothing to cover the front of their pushchairs. Because now there is a blackout blind for buggies.

The SnoozeShade creates a shady, well-ventilated environment for babies on the move. It allows them to sleep comfortably and cuts out visual stimuli to encourage nosey babies to nod off.  Velcro straps attach it to most 3 and 4-wheel prams, pushchairs, and buggies and hooded rear-facing car seats. It can be easily moved  and works just as well on a buggy seat that is lying flat as one that is in the upright position.

The SnoozeShade is suitable for newborn babies as well as older toddlers as it is made from material that has a sun protection of UPF50+. Another handy feature is the zip in the front that allows you to ‘sneak a peek’  to check on your sleeping child.

SnoozeShade is small and highly portable and retails for £19.95.

It’s a must have for holidays, meals out in restaurants or any time you have to be out when baby needs a nap.


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