Which Baby Regime Is The Best For My Baby?

Many mothers-to-be have an opinion about what kind of routine they want to follow once their baby makes an appearance. They are influenced by friends and relatives, magazine articles and variously best selling Baby Regime books but will probably be drawn towards the regime that suits their own personality best.

The three most common regimes that mothers in the UK follow are Gina Ford’s The Contented Little Baby Book, Tracey Hogg’s The Baby Whisperer or the baby led ‘No Routine’ regime.

Contented Babies follow a strict regime where their every waking and sleeping moment is accounted for. Gina claims that if you follow her regime, your baby will sleep through the night from between 8 and 12 weeks of age, you will get to have ‘adult’ evening time and will have some control over your baby’s waking, feeding and sleeping times. Gina Ford babies

Whispered  Babies also follow a routine, but a less rigid one based around the acronym EASY. This stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep and You time. Babies are encouraged to follow this pattern over a 2.5- 3 hour period, and then repeat it. Although this routine is structured it also has some flexibility, so parents aren’t ruled by the clock, but can still plan their lives.

Other parents opt to let their baby set their own routine. These babies feed when hungry, and sleep when tired, so tend to develop a regime that fits in around their family’s already established routine.  Having  ‘no routine’ means you can be extremely flexible, but you may struggle to make plans as you won’t know what your baby will want to do at any particular time.

No matter what routine you choose to try with your newborn, black out blinds on the windows of the room they are going to sleep or nap in will help them sleep better and longer. A baby who is getting enough sleep will feed more efficiently and be happier and more alert when awake.



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