Which Travel Blind Should You Choose?

Easy Blinds Online sell three different kinds of travel blinds.

One is the Gro Anywhere Travel Blackout Blind. This comes in one size of 1.3m x 2m and can easily be adjusted to fit a smaller window. They fit any style of window  closely and are brilliant at blocking out daylight. Two blinds can be used together to fit to a bigger window. The Gro Anywhere Blind attaches to windows or PVC sills using suction cups that come already attached to the material. This means they are ready to go straight out of the bag and can be attached to the window in minutes. Because the whole thing is in one piece, there is less chance of losing vital bits. This blind comes down in seconds and folds away into a handy travel bag , ready for next time it is needed.

Second is the Go Anywhere Portable Black Out Blind. Again, this one attaches with suction cups but this time they are separate from the blind. First you attach the cups to the window or frame; the cups has a disc on the back of them, made from a hooked material that will attach anywhere on the window side of the blinds. These blinds come in a choice of two sizes ( 1.3m x 1.5m and 1.3m x 2m) and will provide an effective blackout solution for all but the largest windows.

Lastly, we have the Stick On Blackout Blind. These are our biggest blinds and come in two sizes; 1m x 1.5m and 1.5m x 3m. This blackout blind takes slightly longer than the others to put up as you need to measure the blind against your window and then apply double sided tape to it. Peel the backing tape off and attach the  blind to the window or frame. You can put the paper backing  back on the adhesive tape between uses, and this blind also works well with blue tack for a speedy solution to unwelcome daylight.



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