Children’s Sleep Problems: Early Risers

Some children sleep until a reasonable time in the morning, others decide that 5am is a suitable to get up.  If you are an early bird yourself then you may not be too worried but if you like a little bit more sleep there are a few things to you can do to combat the early wake up calls.

Firstly you need to determine whether they are waking because they have has enough sleep toddlers for example only need 10 to 11 hours sleep or is it something their environment that is waking them up.

Is your child’s room too light? Is the sun waking them up? You may want to invest in a blackout blind.

What time does your heating go on in the morning? Many parents find that the heating switching on wakes their child up. So you may want to adjust the timer.

If your child is waking because they have had enough sleep you may want to think about pushing their bedtime back by an hour to see if that helps.

Simone from The Baby Planners Top Tips for early risers are:

  • Buy them a child alarm clock set the time (be realistic start at 6:30 and every couple of days increase the time by 10 mins until you have a time you’re happy with) then when the bunny/monkey opens their eyes the child can get up.
  • Some books by the bed that they like to look out would also help pass the time until bunny opens his eyes.
  • A reward chart is can also very helpful with a treat at the end of the week

The key is to be consistent with your child, if they come into your room to early send them back and tell them they can come back when their alarm has gone off.  It may take a week or two but if you don’t want those early mornings it will be worth it.


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