How to Stop the Clocks Going Back Affecting Your Childs Sleep

This Sunday the clocks go back by an hour which should mean we get an extra hour in bed. As parent you will know this isn’t always the case and we just end up awake an hour earlier.

The clock changes will affect your child’s sleep for a few days but there are steps you can take to minimize the damage and get your routine back on track.

  • For the next few days start your child’s bedtime routine about 15 minutes later than usual and then another 15 minutes the next day. You should adjust nap times as well.
  • Stick to your usual bedtime routine, this is very important.
  • Take them out for a walk or play before bedtime to tire them out.
  • Make sure the room is nice and dark, a blackout blind is perfect for this.
  • If they do wake early then send them back to bed. It’s a good idea to get a children’s alarm clock and tell them they are not allowed out of their room until it goes off.

It shouldn’t take them too long to get used to the new bedtime and be back in their usual routine.


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