Sleep Routine for Your 1 Year Old

By now your child will have a good understanding of bedtime and having a good sleep routine will make bedtime a much more pleasant experience for the both of you.

If your child is full of energy in the afternoon play a game to help tire them out. If they are already walking go for a little walk after dinner or let them run around the garden (if it’s not too cold).

Once they have worked off that extra energy it’s time to calm them down and start getting for bed. You may find you have start the bedtime routine up to an hour before you want them to sleep.

Sit a play a quite game or read them a story.  Try not to have the TV on as this can cause them to be overstimulated.

A nice warm bath is a good way to calm them down and it also gets them upstairs ready for getting into bed.

Get them dressed into their nightwear; you could play soft music or lullabies to help keep the mood.

Make sure their curtains and blackout blinds are closed to not let any daylight through.

Soft lightening or a nightlight should be sufficient.

At this point you could read a story or sing them a lullaby.

Put them into bed and kiss them good night.

It’s important to make sure you are consistent with your routine however you choose to do it.  It will make bedtimes much easier in the long run.



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