Sleep Routine for Your Toddler

At this stage your toddler need about 10-11 hours’ sleep a night you should bare this mind when you set their bed time.  A 6pm bedtime could mean a 5am wake up call.

As with any routine the key is consistency, you should stick to the same things every night and if they go to stay over at grandparents ask then to follow the same routine.

You will probably notice that your toddler has a lot of energy so a walk after dinner or a run around in the garden may help burn that off before you start the bedtime routine.

If your child wakes early because they are hungry you may want to give them a snack such as a banana, yogurt of cereal as these can aid sleep.

Once you go upstairs try and keep the rest of the routine up there it will be easier to get them into bed.

Here is a suggested routine:

  • Bedtime snack with some warm milk
  • Bath time, use a lavender bubble bath to help sooth them
  • Get them dressed into their bedclothes
  • Put them in bed
  • Have a chat about both of your days that will help them relax
  • Story time; try not to choose something too exciting
  • Kiss them goodnight and leave them to fall asleep

If your child doesn’t like the room too dark then leave a night light on for them.

You may find it takes a few days for the routine to work but after that bed time will be a breeze.

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