Guest Post: Blackout Blinds for a Narrowboat Baby

Peggy works from home.When we had our first baby we were living on a 57 foot narrowboat. There are a lot of compromises to be made when you live in a small space and we only had one bedroom. The baby slept in a special hammock in our cabin, which was suspended above our bed.

Although it was the topic of hot debate at our NCT coffee mornings I was secretly a bit of a fan of the Gina Ford book. I know it gets called ‘baby boot camp’ and all but once I started getting a routine in place it seemed to make caring for a young baby so much easier. An important part of the routine is sleep times, both day time and night time, and for this we found our blackout blinds were essential.

When I was pregnant we got ourselves kitted out with blackout blinds for the whole boat. We had two in the bedroom cabin and then had one above the dinette, two in the living area and two blackout blinds in the kitchen. This meant that any part, or all of the boat could be blacked out, depending on where the baby was. We used this to our advantage. The baby hammock was movable; she sometimes had her day-time nap above the dining booth: with the window blacked out.

At other times the hammock was in the kitchen, again using the blackout blinds. Being versatile with your space is essential when you live on a narrowboat, so the blackout blinds gave us a lot of flexibility.

In the mornings we felt it was the blackout blinds that allowed our daughter to sleep just a little bit longer, so that she didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn.

The baby and I would meet the NCT mums for coffee and cake every Tuesday as regular as clockwork. I was embarrassed to admit that I was completely devoted to the Gina Ford routine, yet my friends were impressed at how my baby seemed to nap on command. We all agreed on one routine though: sharing advice and a bit of cake every week was an essential part of our weekly schedule that couldn’t be missed.



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