The Perfect Gifts for New Parents

What do you get for new parents? Let face it by now they probably have enough clothes and blankets. We think the best gifts are the practical ones, the ones they would never think to ask for.

Here are some of our gift ideas:


Whether you make it yourself or buy it readymade meals that can pop in the oven or microwave are lifesavers for new parents. You could make them a hamper with really healthy meals, fresh pasta and sauces and a few sweet treats. If cooking is now your thing you can but hampers online or but vouchers for sites such as Cook which have amazing homemade frozen meals.

Travel Blackout Blind

This is perfect for any new parent; they can turn any room into a sleepy haven for their baby. It can be used in their room first and then transferred to the babies nursery when then move in to their own room. It’s a practical gift they will love.


Offer to do the housework for them, even if it’s just running the hoover around or putting a load of washing on they will be forever grateful.


This might sound like a daft gift but new parents are sleep deprived which makes them very forgetful.  A notebook is ideal for jotting down feeding times, to do lists and who bought what gifts for thank you cards. Paperchase do some really lovely hardback notebooks.

What was the best gift you were given as a new parent?



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