Children’s Sleep Problems: When Should I Seek Further Help?

We have covered several Child Sleep Problems most can be dealt with at home with the help of the parents but sometimes further help is needed:


Nightmares are often caused by seeing something scary like a film or a story. If your child has recurrent nightmares you may need to seek help and should make an appointment with your GP.

Night Terrors

Most children will grow out of night terrors, however if they are happening several times a night or frequent then you should visit your GP.

Wetting The Bed

Wetting the bed is quite common and most children grow out of it. If you are concerned you can make an appointment with a school nurse or bedwetting (enuresis) clinic.  ERIC is a childhood continence charity has lots of useful information and help in their website.

There are several places you can go if you need further advice or help on any sleep problems:

If you are concerned about your child’s sleep then contact someone for help.


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