Pregnancy Niggles and How to Cope with Them: Morning Sickness

Pregnancy should be the most amazing experience for any woman but sometimes those pesky pregnancies niggles get in the way.

I blame those pregnancy hormones they do a great job getting the body really for baby but can leave mum feeling drained and washed out.

Here is our guide to morning sickness.

Morning Sickness

Not every woman will get morning sickness and it doesn’t just appear in the morning. Its most common in the first trimester often goes by about 14 weeks though for others it can last the whole pregnancy.  It is thought that the hormone changes cause the nausea and sickness.

Some women will only get feelings of nausea while others will be sick. Some women get a severe form called hyperemesis gravidarum this is very serious and you should visit your GP if you think you have this and you can become dehydrated.

There is no cure for morning sickness but there are things you can do to help ease the feeling:

Eat little and often, try not to let your stomach become empty as this makes it worse. Try nibbling on dry crackers, bread, toast and other carbs.

Stick to plain foods, spicy or greasy food may make it worse.

If you find you wake feeling sick, take it slowly getting up. Try keeping crackers or plain biscuits next to you and have a little nibble before you get up.

Drink plenty of fluids water is best. Don’t drink it too quickly.

Ginger is supposed to be good for morning sickness and you can get it many forms from tea to biscuits.

Make sure you get enough sleep, tiredness will make nausea worse.  Try and grab a nap during the day if you can. This might be a good time to invest in a blackout blind for you bedroom.

Some mums swear by acupressure this is where you wear a wrist band which puts pressure on certain points that reduce the feeling of nausea. Try Sea-Bands Mama.


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