Setting Your Newborn into a Sleep Routine

Some parents and newborn’s benefit from a sleep routine especially if there are other children at home.

The key to all routines is consistency; once you start you should follow the same routine every day. Newborn babies will need to feed regularly throughout the night so a routine at this stage won’t guarantee a full night’s sleep but you should be able to get sizable chunks of sleep.

Our suggested routine:

  • Warm bath
  • Baby massage
  • Night Clothes on
  • Feed
  • Place baby in cot/moses basket and leave them to fall asleep on their own. You don’t have to leave the room but try not to rock them to sleep. It’s important they learn to self sooth.
  • You may want to play soft music or use a nightlight.  Newborns will not know the difference between night and day to start with so a blackout blind is perfect if it is still light out.
  • Your child may wake several times for feeds. It’s important that once you have fed them that you place them back in their bed and again don’t rock them asleep.

It may take a few weeks for your baby to get used to this routine but it will worth it in the long run.


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