New Baby? Here’s a Checklist to Get You Started!


So you’re pregnant! Here’s 6 tips to get you on your way!

1. Maternity wear There are millions of stores! Check out the Mothercare collection here. It’s better to get some new clothes as soon as you can; it’ll save you the stress of later on panicking if you don’t fit into your regular clothes later on, especially if you’re a busy person! Try and stick to clothes you wear normally, instead of just changing to boring, bulky tops and dresses – feeling sexy and yourself is very important in maintaining your mental health and stability during this change.

2. Get some reading done – Here’s a list of great reads about motherhood. In particular, have a look at What to Expect the First Year and Baby Laughs: The Naked Truth About the First Year of Mommyhood. Of course, you’ll really only learn when the baby actually comes, but it’s good to read about other experiences, tricks and opinions – especially to get a bit of a laugh! You may also find it useful to join and follow sites such as Mother & Baby and NetMums.

3. Start looking at deals for all of your baby essentials – Boots is a great place to go for deals: have a look here. They also have their own Parenting Club, giving Mums more points per pound, deals and offers, plus free packs and magazines. IF you have a day to yourself, do some window-shopping and look around the shops and websites to see what’s on offer before rushing at the end, where you could be missing out on a deal.

4. Start taking your vitamins and watch your diet – This article by NHS Choices is great for providing all of the information you need about vitamins and health during your pregnancy. Too much Vitamin A is to be avoided, as this can harm your baby, but it is important to maintain healthy levels of: Folic Acid (helps prevent birth defects), Vitamin D (regulates calcium and phosphates for good bones and teeth), Iron (to maintain energy and blood levels, preventing anaemia) and Calcium (for helping to develop strong bones and teeth in your baby). It’s also important to have as much fibre in your diet as possible, especially to prevent or ease constipation.

5. Try to alleviate morning sickness – Most of the time, this is something that you will not have any control over. There aren’t explicit ways for everyone to completely stop this, but you can find what works for you to alleviate it and make you feel less groggy. Try out different things, whether it be a slither of chocolate, some green (or normal) tea, or a slice of plain wholemeal bread. According to the NHS Choices site, ginger often helps. The only universal tips we can give you is don’t over or under-eat!

6. Get some #easysleep with easyblinds – You’re going to need this for both you and your baby! Your symptoms may be giving you less sleep at night, but don’t let that stop you from kipping in the day. Also, once baby comes along, you’ll need more sleep during the day as nights will be spent nursing your newborn! Our blackout blinds can help to get your child into a healthy routine. Take a look at what we offer on our homepage.


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