Baby Shower? Why an easyblinds kit would be the perfect gift!

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Have a friend who’s having a baby? Look no further than easyblinds! Whether you’re buying for a friend, or you’re pregnant yourself and thinking of what to request, easyblinds is the perfect gift that any Mum (or Mum-to-be) would appreciate!


Because it benefits both mum and baby! Like any new Mum understands, getting yourself and your baby to sleep can be incredibly difficult. It often takes babies a while before they settle into a routine, and so blocking out light can help to get some valuable sleep during the day for mummies and babies! Since our blinds cover windows 100%, light will not leak through, which usually would disrupt sleep, as well as cause premature waking.

According to WebMD, lack of sleep can contribute to a weakened immune system, making it more likely to get a cold or a flu. Plus, sleep deprivation can lead to a decrease in mood levels, making depression and similar illnesses more likely. We all feel cranky if we don’t get enough sleep, so getting some well-needed rest during the day is possible and advisable with easyblinds (also, check out last week’s blog post on the benefits of napping!). New mums are bound to be exhausted, but our range of kits allows mums to choose what suits their lifestyle, and spend more time enjoying their baby rather than yawning!

Other great gift ideas would be the SnoozeShade Blackout Blind for prams and strollers, and the SnoozeShade Blackout Blind for infant car seats,  so baby can sleep soundly on the move!

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