Summer Activities For You & Your Little One!


1. Do some baking!

Make some brownies or your little one’s first Victoria Sponge! BBC Good Food is packed with loads of different recipes waiting for you to try out. Alternatively, make a smoothie! It’s summery and it’s a great way to get your child into fruit.

2. Visit the beach and build some sandcastles

Mess about on the beach, build sandcastles and look at sea creatures! If you don’t find any there’s always the Aquarium.

3. Visit the zoo

Of course, this is a must-do any time of the year! Feast on some ice-cream whilst you observe the chimpanzee and feed the elephants! Remember which animals your child loves so you can incorporate them into stories at bed time!

4. Add some imagination to bath time

Have a look at getting some accessories for bath time – you’ll be having fun AND getting your little one clean at the same time. Turn bath toys into story characters and you’ve also got story-time! Have a look at Tesco’s website for some great ideas.

5. It might be warm, but watch Frozen anyway!

This is THE Disney film of the moment, and even though you’ve probably watched it a million times, I’m sure your little one wouldn’t say no to watching it again! While you’re at it, why not have a Disney marathon?!

6. Don’t just visit a park – visit a theme park

Have a look on Netmums for some really good theme park ideas!

7. Have a picnic

Or a BBQ! Or both! Maybe even allow your little one to choose what you’ll be having on your picnic so they feel involved and be creative. Since this summer looks like it’ll be a heated one, a few outdoor meals are definitely in order!

8. Do some arts and crafts in the sun!

Glitter. Glue. Paint. Paper. Go! Head down to your local store and get crazy with creating this summer. Why not also try building something together? A dolls house, Lego – you name it!

9. Visit a Festival

Whether it’s a festival, a magic show or even a car boot sale, get the family out and spice up your summer! Look for events happening in your area and let the fun begin!

10. And finally, get some easyblinds for a well-deserved kip!

As the summer heats up, our blinds will allow you to take that afternoon nap as they’ll keep you cool and keep the sunlight away, leaving you refreshed when you wake. Also, as the days get longer with brighter nights, you won’t need to worry so much about getting your little one to sleep on time with the sun bursting into the bedroom. Get some #easysleep so you can be ready for the next day’s activities.

There you are! Enjoy your summer activities!


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