5 Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep


Since the beginning of time, mothers have tried different techniques to try and keep their little one(s) to sleep and stay asleep, but it’s still very much a trial and error procedure.

As summer is now upon us, it can be harder to encourage some shut-eye for your baby, so here are 5 tips to get you going:

1. Keep your baby cool

Of course, the warmer you are, the more lethargic you tend to get, but being too warm can also be a problem, and can result in your baby becoming restless and agitated. Cradle your baby in your arms with a fan on low nearby and see how that works. Also, keeping a blackout blind in the bedroom can help to minimize the heat.

2. Keep outside and artificial light to a minimum (esp. during late afternoon and evening)

If your baby is napping during the day, the sun can often hinder what should be a restful sleep. Our blackout blinds not only help to keep the room cool, but it will block the outside light, encouraging your baby to have an undisturbed nap-time.

3. Hydrate your baby and wind your baby before a sleep

Too often do babies wake earlier than they should because they are slightly dehydrated, hungry or need winding. The rubbing of the back will calm your baby; perhaps even a light massage can help too. If you’re still having trouble, just try keeping your baby in your arms as the warmth, comfort and the smell of you will promote ultimate relaxation!

4. Pop the washing machine or hoover on

This is a trick that can sometimes work like magic, but it depends on the baby as some will only rest when there is complete silence! Many people have tried and succeeded, and even my Mum used the technique when I was small! The droning and consistent sound is almost hypnotic to some, so why not give it a go?! Alternatively you can download apps and CDs that will do the trick.

5. Talk/Read whilst stroking them

The first 6 months is the most important time for building that special bond with your baby. They will never tire of hearing your voice, so reading to them or talking to them is recommended as much as possible. Even just stroking their arms or their head whilst they doze off is calming and comforting, especially since they can still smell and feel you.

If you have a technique or two that has worked for you, why not share it with us on Twitter? We’d love to hear from you @easyblinds. 

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