Why Buy a Blackout Blind?

Thinking of investing in a blackout blind, but not convinced that you actually need one? Let us reassure you that every home will benefit from a blackout blind with these 10 handy facts: (P.S it’s not all sleep-related!)

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1. Blackout blinds are especially good for night-workers, parents and anyone who wants to sleep during the day, without having the disturbance of outside light.

2. They can also help those who need to stick to a strict sleep routine – if your alarm is set for 7am, you won’t need to worry about waking up earlier because of the sunlight streaming in, so you can get some valued uninterrupted shut-eye. Not only that, but in the evenings, you won’t need to worry about street-lights making it harder to get to sleep when it’s blocked out! Remember, the more light there is in your room, the less likely you are to get a decent quality of sleep. Deep, uninterrupted sleep means you will feel more refreshed and healthy.

3. Safety first! Our blackout blinds have no pull cords, so you can be guaranteed that your child will be safe with our blinds in your house.

4. Fancy a trip to the cinema? Why not stay in the comfort of your own home and use a projector to project a screen onto your blackout blind?! Our material is up to 2.7m wide, which is often hard to find, so you can enjoy the big screen at home!

5. Privacy! You won’t need to worry about the neighbours peering in! Perfect for places like the bedroom!

6. Our blackout blinds can be put up and taken down whenever you like! We also have a range of portable blinds, so you can have your #easysleep wherever you go! Why not try our new product, easynight? It’s the lightest blind on offer so it’s easier to carry and can fold up really small – perfect for travelling! It also has blackout material which is silvered on one side for better light and heat reflection.

7. You can easily cut our material to size so it can fit your window, or keep it large to fit multiple windows – the choice is yours! Any window, anywhere, can be blacked out with an easyblind.

8. Doesn’t just block out light, it can also keep out noise! Outside noise can sometimes be a problem, but blackout blinds can help. All noise will not be blocked out, but it will muffle the sound to give you a peaceful, light-free environment for a good kip!

9. Blackout blinds keep rooms cooler during summer, and warmer in winter! Keep your bills down as Autumn approaches, and pop a blackout blind up instead of switching the heating on high – see the difference!

10. We are affordable! Our blackout blinds are cost-effective, and the quality of sleep you get will be worth it! Our new product, easynight, is just £12.95!

You can now vote for us as ‘Best Sleep Aid’ in the Gentle Parenting Awards 2015! 

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