Top 5 habits of a healthy lifestyle


We all make promises to ourselves at the start of a new year to take new opportunities, start a new hobby, learn a language, maybe – but above all, we all promise to start being healthier. So why doesn’t it work? Simple. We’re just too busy. But did you ever wonder how some people manage to stay healthy and fit even though they have a busy lifestyle? The trick is to make a lot of little changes and make it a part of your life and not just a diet. With these five tips you won’t just be healthier, you’ll be happier too. So let’s look at some easy steps you can take to reach a healthier you…

1. Leave a little on your plate

Healthy people are motivated and know when enough is enough. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons for an ever-growing waistline is just eating even when you know you’ve had enough. Try leaving a bite or two on your plate or resist the urge to take a second helping. If you think you’re hungry, wait half an hour and see if you still do.

2. Don’t eat late

We’re more likely to gain weight if we eat late at night because during this time we’re less active. Snacking will only fill you up with calories that you don’t need. If you are hungry, try drinking some water or snack on some fruit, dried fruit such as apricots or some nuts. We usually tend to want to eat more when we’re in front of a television, so if the cravings are coming on strong, try turning it off and distracting yourself with another activity or, as the next point talks about, get an early night.



3. Get your 7-8 hours shut-eye a night

The average adult gives themselves approximately 6 hours of sleep a night, losing around a whole night of sleep every week and 364 hours in a year! That’s a lot of lost kip. For new parents, the hours lost are almost double that. Whilst it sometimes might seem like it, sleep is not a privilege or a gift – it’s a necessity. Studies have shown that memory, basic cognitive function and overall health and well-being are all affected by sleep. If getting sleep is hard for you at the moment, find ways to improve this. Follow our tips to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary, try napping during the day and get yourself a blackout blind kit. Our blinds block out 100% of the light to give you an environment fit for a well-deserved snooze.

4. Find ways that suit you to de-stress a little more

Mental health is just as important as your physical health, and your inability to relax as often as you should could be a big part of your unhealthy lifestyle. If you’re feeling happy, you’re more likely to make healthier decisions. Opt for some yoga or try running – exercise doesn’t just keep you fit, it releases endorphins, making you feel more positive. Perhaps start a new hobby or keep a journal – whatever it is, find your ‘thing’ to de-stress and try to avoid making that just doughnuts and DVDs!


5. Do something that makes you happy at least once every day

This is similar to number 4, except you should do this whether you’re feeling stressed or not. Happy and healthy people understand balance and reward themselves. If your aim is to lose weight and you’ve done extremely well so far, give yourself a break and don’t push yourself to the point that you’re hating the process. You’re more likely to stick with something if you’re enjoying it, and you’re more likely to stay happy and healthy if you do things you love. Try and give yourself at least 20 mins of time every day to do something you want that will make you happy. Even if that’s just lying down and listening to silence. And smile more – just like exercise, that releases endorphins, too, but it involves less effort!

There you have it! Try these five simple changes and let us know how you get on. Have any healthy tips of your own? Share them with us on our Facebook page or @easyblinds.

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