5 foods to transform your health and well-being

With the stress of everyday life, it’s hard to snap out of the autopilot of buying the same foods over and over again at the supermarket. And being stressed, we’re always going to crave sugary foods to keep us feeling satisfied.

But there’s something you should know. It is possible to enjoy food and stay healthy. OK, yes, you probably have heard that one before – but like so many, we just don’t do it.

Take a look at these 5 amazing foods and see what they can do for you.

1. Fresh herbs are, in fact, not just for adding great taste to your spag bol  Many of them actually have a calming effect on the body. Sage and basil are known for reducing tension and encouraging sleep. Cinnamon is also brilliant, especially for lowering blood sugar levels. Why not add a stick of it into your cup of tea, it’s great for you and tastes delicious!


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2. Coconut oil is a miracle of nature This works wonders in all kinds of ways; cook with it, rub it in your skin or your hair, use it for weight loss – the list is endless. It’s high in something called lauric acid which is beneficial for heart health and is rich in antioxidants to fight off premature aging and degenerative diseases.

3. Stinging nettle tea. Yeah, that’s right – So this is a bit of a strange one, but it’s something everyone should know. This is definitely not something you want to put weed killer on. You can buy nettle tea or make your own and in doing so, you’ll find a whole host of benefits. It’s great for pregnant women as it strengthens the foetus and also promotes milk production for lactating. It’s also great for menstrual cramps, bloating, reducing hypertension, helping skin problems – down to effectively treating the common cold.

Via http://www.herbalteasonline.com/nettle-tea.php

Via http://www.herbalteasonline.com

4. Aubergines are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – Add some of this purple power into your diet for more vitamin B1, B6 and potassium – great for managing your cholesterol and your weight, and has also been found to benefit brain function. Plus they can be used in an array of different ways; enjoy them in salads, stews, tagines, curries and much more!

5. Go nutty for almonds – According to research from Medical News Today, almonds have been found to decrease appetite, promote heart health and healthy cholesterol levels. There has also been a study which found that eating a handful of nuts a day could help you live longer and reduce the likelihood of developing life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer. So if you’re looking for a light snack, why not swap these every so often with your favourite chocolate bar?


So there you have it! What foods have really helped to improve your health and well-being? Share them with us on our Facebook page or @easyblinds.

Happy healthy living!


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