New mum? Here’s what you should be eating!

Becoming a mum is one of the best things in life we can look forward to, but it can also be one of the most strenuous challenges we face. It’s important to remember that in order to be keep our energy up, we’ve got to look after our bodies and our well-being. On top of that, breastfeeding mums need to make sure their baby is getting enough of those important nutrients!

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So what foods should you be eating? See below for the top 5 foods every new mum should have in their diet!

1. Wholemeal rice, pasta & bread

In general it’s great to go wholemeal as it’s full of fibre and essential nutrients which keep your energy levels up and your digestive system in a healthy condition. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, it increases breast milk supply and quality so it’s great for new mums to have in their diet!


2. Lean beef

As a new mum your energy levels from lack of sleep, breastfeeding and being constantly on-the-go are going to be depleted, so you’ll need to keep your iron intake up. Lean beef is full of iron, vitamin B12 and protein to keep you feeling strong and healthy.


3. Salmon

Most of us don’t eat nearly as much as we should when it comes to fish. Salmon is one of the healthiest types of fish to include in your diet, especially as a new mum since it’s packed with nutrients. According to  Top 10 Home Remedies it contains a fat called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which helps to develop your baby’s nervous system. It’s also been found to prevent and alleviate postpartum depression.


4. Eggs

Another great source of protein, eggs (especially the yolk) are full of vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc. Eating this on a regular basis will help to keep your bones healthy and will aid in developing your baby’s as well.


5. Porridge – Wholemeal Cereals

Porridge is brilliant because it’s full of fibre to keep your digestion healthy and regular, and it releases energy slowly throughout the day so you’ll feel energetic for longer. It also fills you up so you’ll feel fuller and won’t overeat. It’s also great for bones as it contains calcium from the milk and vitamin A helps with immune boosting – exactly what your new baby needs.



What foods would you recommend as a new mum? Share them with us and the rest of the parenting community online – find us on Facebook or @easyblinds on Twitter.


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