How to live a longer and healthier life the easy way

1. Sleep more!

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It’s a fact, sleep helps you feel better and healthier. Ever see that person at work slumped over their desk looking like there’s a storm cloud above their head? Chances are that person isn’t getting the recommended 7-8 hours a night that they need. Not everyone will need 8 hours a night, but what’s important is that the sleep you do give yourself is consistent and you wake up feeling refreshed rather than groggy and lethargic. This bedtime calculator is fantastic; it tells you what time you should plan on waking up at to feel the best you possibly can by calculating the number of hours you’ll be getting and therefore where in your sleep cycle you will be when you wake. Those who wake up during deep sleep are more likely to feel like they need another night’s kip even though they may have even had the recommended amount of rest! Sleep more and reap the health benefits in the long term. Our blackout blinds do wonders for people’s sleep, especially those who struggle with outside light!


2. Eat less. Drink more water.

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The amount we eat can sometimes cause as much emotional damage as physical. How? When you’re unhappy or stressed out you’ll crave sugary and fatty foods to give you the energy you desperately need, and most likely because it’s a comfort. This then turns into a vicious circle of gaining unnecessary weight and continuing to feel dissatisfied and so we go on to eat more. Overeating can cause an unbelievable number of health risks, including diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure – the list goes on – but on top of this the emotional dissatisfaction can lead to depression – all of which hinder you from living the healthier and better life you deserve. Brits are one of the growing populations that overeats; most of us were brought up with the thought that we’ve got to finish what’s in front of us. By all means still stand by that, just make sure you’re watching how much you’re putting on your plate in the first place. Feeling cravings? Fill yourself up on water. Gasping for a fizzy drink in the heat? Pour yourself a tall glass of iced water. You’ll feel healthier, hydrated and more energetic – the perfect ingredients for a longer and healthier life. 


3. Watch less TV.

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People who spend more time sitting down, inactive and in front of their television or computer, are more likely to develop obesity and depression. Unfortunately, whilst living in the Internet age has its benefits, it’s also resulting in many people choosing to sit at home rather than getting up and exploring what’s around you. We don’t all love exercise, but there are activities we can all find fun in that mask the fact that we’re even exercising. Think back to when you were at school or when you were more active – what did you do that you enjoyed? Maybe it’s cycling or playing badminton down at your local health club? Whatever it is, make the time and you’ll find yourself wondering why on earth you waited so long to pursue your hidden passion. You can always watch the latest series of Law and Order after you’ve got back home!


4. Know when to relax.



In today’s world, everything is so fast-paced, we rarely give ourselves the time we need to relax and recuperate. We’re always giving ourselves these goals we have to reach, but never actually tell ourselves ‘you’ve worked hard today, give yourself a break’. In order to live a longer and healthier life, you’ve got to know when to relax and when a situation is out of your control. Ever find that if you’ve been writing something for a long time, eventually you reach a mental block and just have to walk away? And then on returning you pick out a bunch of mistakes and somehow all these bright ideas spring to mind? Don’t just apply that to writing or your work; apply it to life. Just taking a moment to gather your thoughts and clear your mind will do wonders for your mental health as well as physical; when you’re stressed out your heart beats faster and you’re more likely to develop high blood pressure, headaches and a host of aches and pains. Relaxing slows your breathing and heart rate, and releases endorphins to help you feel happy, more positive, and at ease. It doesn’t have to be something like meditation or yoga; even if you take 10 minutes a day to shut yourself away and listen to some of your favourite music, you’re doing yourself a world of good.


5. Stay connected to friends and family.

friends and family


More often than not as we get more tied up with our busy lives, we forget the people that matter most. Don’t lose those close connections, and even if you feel as though you have, never feel like it’s too late to reach out and reconnect. Friends and family are those that we share and build memories, they’re the ones that put the smiles on our faces. Why not pay it forward with a little charity or voluntary work? You’ll meet some amazing people, have priceless experiences and get to put a smile on other people’s faces as well as your own. Most people find that they feel happier when they’ve helped another person, so theoretically the more people you help and interact with, the happier you feel!


6. Keep the alcohol to a limit.

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This needs no introduction as to why it’s a hindrance on living a long and healthy life, but unfortunately we don’t always take notice of the advice! It’s usually after a long day that we say we’ll ‘reward’ ourselves with a nice glass of wine, which can sometimes add up to a little more than that…Of course, you don’t need to completely cut it out – a little once in a while does no harm. But alcohol units easily build and eventually translates to multiple hangovers and unnecessary weight gain, as well as numerous illnesses. Over time our liver does recover, but if you keep replenishing it with heavy drinking over long periods of time, you’ll find you’re doing your body long-term damage. Women, in particular, are advised to drink less alcohol than men because generally they have less body mass than men, therefore they have less tissue to absorb the alcohol. Men are advised to have between 3 and 4 units a day (basically 1.5 pints) and women are advised to have 2-3 units (175ml, or in other words, a small glass of wine). Cutting down on alcohol will help you feel healthier and more energetic as you won’t be taking in as many toxins, so give it a go and feel the benefits!


And there you go! 6 top tips to help you live a longer and healthier life. Have we missed any that have made a significant impact on your life? Message us on Twitter @easyblinds or on Facebook! We’d love to hear from you!







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