Clocks going back: how to prepare your little one!

It’s that time of year again: sneezing left, right and centre; wacking the heating up; feeling extra groggy in the ‘midnight’ mornings; and preparing ourselves for the run up to Christmas.

This weekend will see the end of daylight saving time for 2015 with the clocks going back an hour this Sunday 25th October.

For those of you with little ones, you’ll know how sensitive their sleep pattern is, so here are a few tips to make the process a little smoother.

Steer your child away from sugary food and drinks, particularly after 2pm

Sugary foods and fizzy drinks aren’t great at the best of times, but for a good night’s sleep it’s important your child steers well clear of them in order to wind down, otherwise the energy boost could see them staying up well past the hour!

After dinner, instead of a sugary dessert, why not try giving them fruit such as bananas, oranges or cherries? They’re known for helping the body to produce the ‘sleep’ hormone, melatonin, which basically controls our body clock. If your child experiences troublesome sleep, it’s definitely worth trying!


“I’m off to bed now, too!”

Let’s face it, children are copycats – if they see/hear that you’re up it’s likely they’ll want to stay awake too. See this as the perfect opportunity to give yourself a break as well and get the early night you deserve! If you’re all in sync it’ll make the process even smoother.


Fill the time with a fun activity

Usually, children will adjust to the new routine anywhere between a few days and a week, but in the meantime fill the time with something that will make your little one barely notice the time go by. Read something to/with them they love or play a game they enjoy. Allowing them to exercise during the day is also great for winding them down, but try and avoid television right before bed as that’s more likely to produce a less restful night’s sleep.

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Block it out with a blackout blind

The beauty of a blackout blind is that it allows you to enjoy great sleep without the disturbance of outside factors such as light (and even noise!), thereby creating a cosy sleep sanctuary for both babies and parents to enjoy. With a blackout blind in your little one’s nursery or bedroom, they’ll snuggle up and doze off, even if it is still light out – they’ll be none the wiser. It’s great for being in complete control of your little one’s sleep pattern. Check out our reviews to find out why parents trust our products to give their children (and themselves!) great sleep!

With the winter months coming up, blackout blinds also provide great heat insulation – saving you a little on the heating bills! See more fantastic reasons to invest in this popular sleep solution here.

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And now you’re all set! Got any tips you’d like to share with us and the rest of the parenting community? Be a part of the conversation with us on Twitter @easyblinds or on our Facebook page. Reminder: clocks will go back at 2am this Sunday 25th October!

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