Create a cosy home this winter!

It’s that time of year again – Christmas shopping, whipping out the winter coat and making sure a pack of tissues follow you wherever you go. There’s lots of reasons to love the winter season, including wrapping up under cosy blankets with your favourite festive DVD and an abundance of yummy treats. But winter’s also the time of year we see our heating bills skyrocket, leaving us either shivering to save turning on the thermostat or shuddering when we realise what we’ve got left to spend on shopping for presents!

There are a few ways to ease the hassle, so take a look at these few tips to prepare your home for a cosy winter…

Draught excluder

draught excluder

Unfortunately we don’t all have warm fires to toast ourselves in front of, but these do certainly come in handy for keeping the heat in. Perfect for your kids’ bedroom when they grumble about feeling cold during the night. Plus they look adorable!

Electric blanket

Electric blanket

Now, you may think these are more like practical gifts for the grandparents but unless you’ve tried it you just won’t get it. So many people swear by this for keeping snug during the chilly nights (including us!). You don’t need to have this on all night, in fact it burns a lot of electricity if you do; all you need is to pop it on a little while before you head to bed and then switch it off once you’ve crept in – you’ll feel as snug as a bug in a rug and drift off swiftly without having the havoc of tossing and turning until you’ve made yourself warm.

Blackout blinds

Easyblinds (1)

Blackout blinds’ main purpose is to block out the light to help create a sound environment in which to sleep – whatever your age. Whether it’s the night job that makes these a necessity, helping your kids to maintain a health sleep routine or preventing street lights from interrupting your beauty sleep, they will absolutely do the trick. However, during these dark days it’s more the lack of light that’s the problem than too much of it. But they’re still super effective – just in other ways. Easyblinds’ blackout blinds and blackout materials are great insulators; with heat reflection technology they keep rooms cool in summer and warm in the winter!

Left-over oven heat


Many of us do this naturally whatever the season, but if you don’t it’s definitely time you stop wasting your left-over oven heat! Once your meal is finished cooking and out of the oven, keep the door open and let the warm air out. Some people even turn their oven on and do this without cooking instead of turning on the heating!

Microwavable toys/hot water bottle

hot water bottle

Like the electric blanket, this is a fantastic way to get cosy and microwavable toys are a great choice for kids to get them comfy (and off to sleep!).

Scented candles


Much less for keeping warm and more for creating a relaxed environment – plus this time of year you’ll have all sorts of festive smells to have permeating your cosy home!

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