Blind of the Month: Original Velcro® Blackout Blind

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With sunnier mornings, brighter evenings and summer just around the corner, it’s time to prep your home with some must-have sleeping accessories. Whether it’s for your newborn, toddler, teenager or tossing and turning partner, investing in a blackout blind will work wonders for their sleep routine.

So, for those who are tired of having sunshine in their eyes as 5am or need to be awake for that early start and so need an early night, rely on your trusty blackout blind to make sure you get your recommended amount of shut-eye.

Click here to take a look at all of the blackout blinds we currently offer, or read on to see why the Original Velcro® Blackout Blind Kit is this month’s favourite blackout blind kit. 

1. It’s one of our most effective products, without a hefty price tag. 

Many of the parents and night-shift workers who have bought with us before have said just how much they love this blackout blind kit. Starting from just £17.95, this blind is effortless to put up and take down, and lasts absolutely ages! Unlike other blackout blinds, there’s no need to remove any existing curtains you have up and there’s no gaps around the edges for sunlight to creep in through. We’ve been selling this since 2002 and it remains as popular today as it did when we launched it 14 years ago.

Click here to read some of the customer reviews and to see the simple steps to putting it up in your home.

2. It a lighter, less bulky fabric

Compared to most of our other kits, the Original Velcro® Blackout Blind Kit has a much lighter fabric with a soft feel, and being less bulky it folder up smaller so it’s easy to tuck away when you’re not using it.

3. There is no sewing involved, no drills, screws or frames, and no other fittings are required

At easyblinds, we like to minimise effort and maximise comfort, so all you have to do is cut the material to size, attach the self-adhesive Velcro® around the window frame you want to use, stick the wide loop fastener tape on your blackout blind and press into place! Your kit will have everything you need and easy-as-pie instructions with it, so you can get your blind up and running before you know it!

4. It’s perfect for the nursery and comes in five different colours!

Most blackout blinds are plain and can be quite unsightly, but the Original Velcro® Blackout Blind comes in five different colours (white, cream, walnut brown, seaspray blue and aloe green) in a gingham pattern, so it’s ideal for either your bedroom or baby’s nursery.

Buying your first blackout blind? Click here to find out why a blackout blind is a fantastic sleep solution and an absolute must-have for your home. 

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