How to make bedtimes easier when the clocks go forward.

As the days get brighter we all eagerly await the warmth of spring and the longer, sunnier days. However, first we need to get through the clocks changing, and for those with young families this can be a challenge. Those hard worked for sleep routines are about to get challenged. Here are our tips to survive the clock changes and to limit the impact as much as possible.

1. Make the change gradually.

In the days leading up to the clocks changing, begin moving your child’s bedtime by 10 to 15 minutes so by the time they do change your child should be unaware there is anything different. Remember to gradually change other aspects of the day such as meal times and nap times too.

2. Get some blackout blinds.

Being able to control the light which enters your child’s bedroom can have a big impact on their sleep. By using blackout blinds as the clocks change and the days become longer will not only help with the initial clock changes but to create and maintain a bedtime room and sleep pattern throughout the year. Have a look at to find one that suits your needs.

3. Maintain a bedtime routine

Bedtime routines are an important part of sleep for children. Try avoiding electronic items in the hour leading up to bedtime, ensure play is calm and relaxed and share a bedtime story each night. Make sure to keep the routine the same each night.

4. Relax

Whatever happens this weekend, keep relaxed and with a relaxing and structured bedtime routine your child should soon adapt to the new time.

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