Planning a nursery? Here are our top tips.

No matter the size of the room you have available for your new addition, or even if it’s setting up an area in a shared bedroom, the main considerations are the same to create an effective nursery.

1. Cot
There is every size and shape of cot available with a whole array of extra functions. As far as sleep is concerned, a cot with a new, firm mattress is more than suitable. Importantly, cots should be kept free of anything non essential so find a shelf for babies cuddly toys and leave the cot area uncluttered. Cellular blankets or sleep sacks are ideal solutions for keeping baby warm and safe. Consider the placement of the cot in the room. Try not to place it next to windows or radiators and consider it’s closeness to switches and plugs.

2. Changing area
Having everything close to hand is the most helpful advice here. Consider where you will have your changing mat and then work from there. Make sure wipes, nappies, nappy bags, creams etc are all within easy reach so you never have to leave baby to get something. A shelf or storage unit above the area where you change baby is one solution.

3. Furnishings
Furnishings are a great way to enhance or add colour and pattern to babies room. Lots of shops do themed ranges or you could chose a pattern or colour to tie everything together. Seating is really helpful but doesn’t need to be expensive. Somewhere to sit and feed or read a story before bed can make bedtime and middle of the night visits much easier. Blackout blinds mean you can transform the bedroom from day to night quickly and simply -essential for day time naps. With easyblinds, these can be put up simply and used with other blinds and curtains.

4. Storage
If your lucky enough to have built in wardrobes, consider adding a second rail ( children’s clothes are obviously smaller so you can hang twice as much this way) or add extra shelves or a storage unit in the bottom to give you more space. It’s amazing how such small clothes can take up so much space. Storage shelves such as Ikea’s Kallax are a great way to store toys so they are easily accessible but neatly stored away. Consider hanging nets for soft toys so they don’t take up too much floor space.

5. Extras
Monitor’s for some are essentials, for others, where baby can be easily heard throughout the home, less so. Consider your needs: are you going to need something portable so you can move around the house during nap times? Do you need to be able to see baby or is hearing them enough? Do you want to be able to view them from your phone or enable others to check in and see them from theirs?
Thermometers can be reassuring. Check your baby monitor doesn’t already have one built in. Using the thermometer to judge how many clothing layers/blankets are needed can be useful, especially in summer months.
By the time your baby goes into their own room you will know if they need an interactive mobile above their cot to settle or if they need white noise to drift off. For that reason leave these purchases until you know you need them.

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