Why easyblinds is a Great Summer Must-Have!

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So, why should you bother investing in an easyblinds blackout kit this summer?

1. Our blackout blinds keep rooms warmer on cold days and cooler on warm days

We don’t just provide products that help you get #easysleep all day long – they have other uses too! With a hot summer ahead, you can apply our blinds to rooms and stay cool, and keep the heat in on traditional British summer days.

2. Brighter mornings and sunnier evenings

Studies have found that you fall asleep twice as fast in darkness than when exposed to light. With our blinds, you can get your valuable sleep, which would often be lost due to earlier sunrises in the morning and later sunsets in the evening. You can have complete control over your sleep schedule!

3. Travel blackout blinds – take #easysleep with you!

We currently offer two types of travel blackout blinds: the Go Anywhere portable blind and the Gro Anywhere Travel blind, so whether you’re home or away this summer, you can get your beauty sleep!

4. Entertaining the kids this summer: Screen projection

Yet another feature of our blackout blinds: our blackout material can be used as a screen to project onto! 2.7m wide is often hard to find, but we provide it! Enjoy home cinema as it should be.

5. Better sleep, better mood!

If you wake up feeling anxious, tired and unenergetic, you’ve set yourself up for a bad day. Getting great sleep is a vital part of maintaining and increasing your health, wellbeing and overall mood. If you’re getting good sleep then the chances are you’ll enjoy the summer a lot more! Our blinds are brilliant for infants, kids and adults, so all the family can get restful sleep, ready for a great day ahead.



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How to Stop the Clocks Going Back Affecting Your Childs Sleep

This Sunday the clocks go back by an hour which should mean we get an extra hour in bed. As parent you will know this isn’t always the case and we just end up awake an hour earlier.

The clock changes will affect your child’s sleep for a few days but there are steps you can take to minimize the damage and get your routine back on track.

  • For the next few days start your child’s bedtime routine about 15 minutes later than usual and then another 15 minutes the next day. You should adjust nap times as well.
  • Stick to your usual bedtime routine, this is very important.
  • Take them out for a walk or play before bedtime to tire them out.
  • Make sure the room is nice and dark, a blackout blind is perfect for this.
  • If they do wake early then send them back to bed. It’s a good idea to get a children’s alarm clock and tell them they are not allowed out of their room until it goes off.

It shouldn’t take them too long to get used to the new bedtime and be back in their usual routine.


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Here Comes The Sun

Now that daylight saving is upon us, we’ve got a short grace period before we are back to 6am sunrises, and it won’t be long before the sun is up until past 9pm.

This was great when we were all single and childless, and relying on the alarm clock to wake us up in the morning. We may not have welcomed the lighter mornings, but we all enjoyed the evening sun.

These days many of us don’t even need an alarm clock as our little darlings wake us up as soon as the sun peeps its shiny face over the horizon. And after a busy day child wrangling, we parents need a good nights sleep too. Even if your children aren’t affected by the early sunrises of summer, then the chances are that you may be.

There is nothing more disheartening than finally having children  old enough to lie in on the weekends for a bit, than finding that you can’t sleep in yourself because of the sunlight streaming into your bedroom at 6am.

Light tells your brain to wake up. To sleep well, you need darkness and quiet. The darker and quieter, the better.

Black out blinds can help everyone sleep better. They are not just for nurseries and children’s rooms; try them in your bedroom and beat the sun at its own game.


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