Benefits of being an early bird!

Growing up, we’ve all probably heard a rhyme our parents used to tell us like ‘the early bird catches the worm’ or ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise’ – but is there actually any meaning to it?

Well, we’ve been on the hunt and fortunately (or unfortunately, if you’re like us and love your lie-ins) much of the research found in the last decade shows that there’s actually a number of health benefits when it comes to early rising.

early riser

Those who claimed they were ‘morning people’ were found to have slimmer waistlines, be more motivated and were more likely to exercise than evening people or ‘night owls’ as we know them. A study published in 2012 in the American Psychological Association’s journal Emotion also found that early risers generally feel more positive, energetic and have a greater overall well-being.

Other studies have found night owls tend to have a higher body mass index (BMI) and a greater tendency towards depression compared to the proactive attitude of the early bird.

Getting out of bed is hard for the majority of us, but whilst getting your beauty sleep is essential, so is maintaining a stable sleep routine and making sure you’re not over-sleeping, which can result in that lethargic feeling making us feel negative, drained and less inclined to want to face the day ahead.

Although turning over and getting another half an hour seems like the best option, and most definitely the easiest, most find that once they’re out of bed they’re so focused on what’s planned for their day that heading back to bed isn’t what they’re looking for.

That groggy feeling you get when you wake up usually means one of three things: 1) you’re dehydrated, in which case grab some chilled water when you get up as it will hydrate you and the temperature will be like a cold shower to wake you up, 2) you’ve woken up in the middle of deep sleep (sleep cycles beginning from mild to mid to deep sleep lasts for 90 minutes, so every 90 minutes you will start your sleep cycle again – click here to calculate when you should head to bed/wake up so you wake during light sleep, making you feel fresher instead) or 3) you just went to bed too late!

If the idea of waking up early isn’t your cup of tea but you just wish you could get more out of the day and feel more energetic, why not give it a go?! Don’t worry about not getting used to it because your body is adaptable – it’s designed to get used to things, just like it did when you had to change your sleep routine for school, that new job or when you’re a new parent.

So what are your tips for helping you stick to an early bird routine? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter @easyblinds!

Happy sleeping & joyful waking (good luck, night owls!)




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How To Look Rested When You’re Not!

One for the ladies! Lack of sleep is something we all experience at one point or another. And quite a lot of the time, it shows. Unless you’re one of those people who gets out of bed looking perfect and rested after about three hours of sleep. If so, please tell us how you do it!

Whether you’re balancing being a Mum with a hectic work schedule, or stress has just built up, or your social life is sky-rocketing but your sleep routine is suffering – we’ve got some tips for you!

1. Try and take a walk or do some form of exercise in the morning

If on the way to work this isn’t possible for you, try waking up 10 mins or so before you need to get up. You may think those 10 mins are necessary for more sleep, but you’ll still feel tired anyway if you do take that extra time, and helping yourself wake up will counter your tiredness. Your choice: 10 mins of sleep only to feel tired anyway? Or get up, take in some fresh air and get yourself moving. You’ll feel and look rested, wide-eyed and ready for the day.


2. Wash your face with cold water 

According to Dr Fusco on WebMD, “coolness constricts blood vessels, giving your skin a smoother, more toned look.” This is definitely something I do on days I feel not-so-awake. Why not try putting some ice cubes into your flannel and dabbing them on your eyelids? Also, a cool shower can help as well. In the past, days we’ve run out of hot water were terrible – but I definitely felt awake after stepping inside a cold shower! Less than warm showers are also said to increase skin-firming. Take a look here for some of the benefits of giving yourself that ‘shock’ to the system.


3. Use BB Cream instead of heavy foundation

BB Cream has become a revelation. And rightly so – it’s amazing! When you know you look tired you’re more likely to cake it on with foundation, which is really bad for your skin. Also, if you’re not using a foundation colour compatible with your skin (which most people are guilty of) then you’ll just look like you’re getting yourself ready for a masquerade ball. What do we use? Garnier’s BB Cream, of course – a tiny amount can mistake Gollum for Holly Willoughby. Not that you’ll look like Holly Willoughby – but your skin will definitely look great! And you won’t have that heavy feeling that a full face of make-up gives you, it’s like wearing nothing at all! For a concealer to go with your BB Creamed face (or if you’re going without anything and just want something for the dark circles) Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Concealer is great!


4. It’s silly but it’s so true…

Shave your legs. It’s tempting not to as autumn’s upon us and winter will soon follow. Even if you’ve got minutes to shower, you’ll feel great afterwards if you do it. Women shave their legs not only to get rid of hair but to also feel sexier. You’ll feel and look more confident (especially if you’re wearing a skirt/dress) if you’ve taken the time to pamper and freshen yourself in the morning. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturise. And don’t do the unthinkable which is dry-shaving because you’re in a rush. It won’t end well. For those of you who wax instead, well – that’ll definitely wake you up.


5. Use lighter eye-shadow

Avoid the ‘smoky-eye effect’ on days where you’ve had little to no slumber. Lighter eye-shadow will make you look fresher, whereas darker eyes will draw attention to the dark circles you were desperately trying to hide. Dab a bit of this in the very corner of your eyes and underneath them, without over-doing it, and you’ll look both glamorous and well rested.

Cienie do powiek Rimmel Cienie Glam Eyes Mono 180 Gold Rush

There you have it! Do you any special tips for looking rested that really work? Share them with us @easyblinds.


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6 Posts for Parents of Toddlers

Toddlers can be a handful; they go from cute babies who don’t do much to little rockets tearing around.

We have chosen 6 of our toddler post to share with you which might make life with a toddler that little bit easier.

Sleep Routine for Your Toddler

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Perfect Bedtime Books for Toddler

A bedtime story is an essential part of your toddler bedtime routine. Here are our pick of 5 great bedtime books

3  Children Sleep Problems: Early Risers

Is your child an early riser? We have some advice for experts on how to deal with them and get a bit more sleep in the morning.

SnoozeShade Buggy Blackout Blind

A must have item for any mother to ensure a sleeping toddler stays sleeping.

5  Blind Cord Safety and Black Out Blinds

Every year, an average of two young children in the UK are strangled to death by looped blind or curtain cords. Make sure your child stays safe.

Better Sleep for Toddlers

How to get a better night’s sleep for your toddler.



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Children’s Sleep Problems: Early Risers

Some children sleep until a reasonable time in the morning, others decide that 5am is a suitable to get up.  If you are an early bird yourself then you may not be too worried but if you like a little bit more sleep there are a few things to you can do to combat the early wake up calls.

Firstly you need to determine whether they are waking because they have has enough sleep toddlers for example only need 10 to 11 hours sleep or is it something their environment that is waking them up.

Is your child’s room too light? Is the sun waking them up? You may want to invest in a blackout blind.

What time does your heating go on in the morning? Many parents find that the heating switching on wakes their child up. So you may want to adjust the timer.

If your child is waking because they have had enough sleep you may want to think about pushing their bedtime back by an hour to see if that helps.

Simone from The Baby Planners Top Tips for early risers are:

  • Buy them a child alarm clock set the time (be realistic start at 6:30 and every couple of days increase the time by 10 mins until you have a time you’re happy with) then when the bunny/monkey opens their eyes the child can get up.
  • Some books by the bed that they like to look out would also help pass the time until bunny opens his eyes.
  • A reward chart is can also very helpful with a treat at the end of the week

The key is to be consistent with your child, if they come into your room to early send them back and tell them they can come back when their alarm has gone off.  It may take a week or two but if you don’t want those early mornings it will be worth it.


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Case Study: Early Risers

Kathy is a 34 year old mother of two. She stays at home to look after her little boy, who is 18 months old, and her 4 year old girl but can’t remember the last time she got to sleep past 5am. Kathy’s husband, Mark, works long hours and often doesn’t get home from work until after 8pm. The children go to bed around 6:30pm, so are usually asleep by the time their father gets home.

Once Mark and Kathy have had dinner, talked about their respective days and watched some television, it’s usually around 11pm and Kathy tries to make sure she’s in bed by then. She knows she should get to bed earlier because the children are early risers and are often up for the day from anything between 4-5am. The children share a room, and her son usually wakes first, then rouses his sister to play with him. Lately, with the days getting lighter, it’s been closer to 4am and Kathy is exhausted.

Kathy and Mark decide to try putting the children in separate rooms, and making sure those rooms are as dark as possible. The separation doesn’t go well at all. The children are used to sleeping in the same room and suddenly bedtimes become a struggle as well.So the children’s beds go back in together and Kathy starts looking at how to darken the room.

First of all, Kathy buys blackout lining for the curtains already in the room. There are easy to install, cheap and seemed to make quite a difference to the light coming into the room as far as she could tell. However, some light still comes in from the bottom of the windows and they did nothing to stop the kids’ early wakings.

Next she tries roller blinds. These have to be cut to size and are a little more fiddly to install. They stop light coming from the bottom of the windows, but a bit still sneaks in around the sides. Kathy likes them so much that she relocates them to her and Mark’s bedroom when the kids continue to wake at 4:30 am.

Now Kathy is eyeing up velcro blackout blinds for the children but her husband is baulking at paying for a third solution that might not work. He uses black rubbish bags and a lot of tape to temporarily black out the children’s window and this does appear to help. The children have a couple of nights sleeping until 6 am, but then pull on the taped up bags around the window and made a hole in them. At this point Kathy goes ahead and buys the Velcro blackout blinds.

Now the children sometimes pull the velcro blackout blind down to look outside when they wake in the morning, but it can be easily put back in place. And as they rarely wake before 6 am these days, everyone is much happier.

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