Ten family activities to make post-Christmas traditions.

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It’s over for another year. The whirlwind of excitement that is Christmas has passed. But for most of us with children, much of the holiday remains before the return to school in the New Year. So why not create some post Christmas traditions to help you relax after the excitement and exhaustion of the Christmas period and to make the most of the holiday time left with the children? Here are ten different activities you might what to try…..

1. Go on a scavenger hunt
Whether this be in a forest, park or even on the beach. It’s a great way to get everyone outdoors and have fun at the same time. Wrap up warm and head out with a list of items (or pictures for younger children) to search for in your chosen location. The children will be encouraged to walk further with the anticipation of finding items on the list and learn more about the world around them in Winter.

For older children, why not give Geocaching a go. A great way to get everyone working together and exploring the local area.

2. Watch a film
Of course the cinema is a great option, with lots of cinemas offering deals for kids during the holiday period. However, if you’d rather stay at home, then why not turn your living room into your own cinema. Rearrange the furniture, cinema snacks at the ready and if you want to create a realistic cinema experience then Easyblinds on your windows will create that darkened cinema environment.

3. Play board games

Board games can be a great way to spend family time together and help everyone relax after the rush of Christmas. With such a wide range available there is something to suit every family and create some wonderful memories.

4. Visit a local attraction
In winter we often forget to make the most of our local attractions. Obviously some close over winter months but there are still plenty that remain open year round, and with fewer visitors in many of them you don’t have to battle the crowds. Places such as zoos, museums, castles or National Trust or English Heritage sites are often cheaper during winter months, if they are not already free. Best of all, discover somewhere new to visit as a family that you can continue to visit in the new year.

5. Get crafting with the remains of Christmas

There is always so much left over from the Christmas celebrations, so why not put it to good use rather than filling the bins and craft some items you can use next year from the left overs of this. You can spend time with the children creating items that will bring back the memories of Christmas past for years to come.

6. Have a family photo shoot

I’m not suggesting you hire a professional photographer for this one, but that you create your own photoshoot. The options for this are wide and varied, from indoor shoots using a sheet as a backdrop and raiding the kids dress up box for props to finding an outdoor location where you can have fun staging photos as a family.

7. Have a picnic

Yes, I know it’s winter but picnics are great all year round! Find somewhere you’d like to visit or plan a walk or outing with a picnic built in. Pack a flask of soup, sandwiches and a blanket and you’ll soon have a new post Christmas tradition to look forward to each year.

If the weather’s too much to face, or leaving the house is just too much, then a picnic inside can be magical too!

8. Make a Thank You video

Create a video of your family as a thank you to those who gave you gifts this year instead of sending a letter. This can be simply saying thank you to the camera, a montage of your family playing and using their gifts, clips of your holiday adventures or a full production scale video set to music. Whatever your video production skills, this is a lovely way to thank friends and family as well as create a memory of this Christmas’s events whilst spending time as a family.

9. Go to a pantomime or play/ Put on a play

Most pantomimes run well into January so are a great post Christmas tradition to have. If a pantomime isn’t your cup of tea, then plays for children can often be found during December and January too.

Why not create your own play at home and perform for friends or just for your own entertainment. You could even video the production to enjoy for many Christmases to come.

10. Rest

Find a day to take time to rest and do as little as you can. Stay in and just play with those Christmas gifts. Eat leftovers and wear your pyjamas all day. Have an early night, forgetting the housework and making a good night’s rest a priority.  Easyblinds in your bedroom windows will help ensure a great nights sleep and  you may even get a lay in too!

Sometimes the best days as families are those simple days where we are just together with no timetables or agendas.


Share with us your post Christmas traditions you have with your family.

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Halloween Costumes for Parents & Kids!

It’s that time of year again – get your pumpkins carved and your thinking-cap on for some brilliant Halloween costume ideas! Have a look at our list of parent and kid costume ideas to get you started!

1. Star Wars: Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker

Photo via: http://misfondoss.com/9438/star-wars-luke-skywalker-vs-darth-vader.html

Picture via: http://misfondoss.com/

This one never fails to disappoint. Add some of your other favourite Star Wars characters in for a variation, like Princess Leia or Chewbacca.

2. Batman and the Joker

Photo via: http://www.streetsofbeige.com/

Picture via: http://www.streetsofbeige.com/

Because Batman has to be the best superhero, right?! And because dressing your kid up as the joker will be absolutely hilarious!

3. Despicable Me: Gru and Minion


Picture via: http://thechronicleherald.ca/

Why not swap it around and have your child be Gru and parents can be the minions?

4. Voldemort and Harry Potter

Picture via: http://dailyfig.figment.com/

Picture via: http://dailyfig.figment.com/

It’s Halloween so Harry Potter has to come into it somewhere…

5. The Smurfs: Papa Smurf and Smurfette

Picture via: http://www.shibleysmiles.com/

Picture via: http://www.shibleysmiles.com/

Or if you’re feeling really adventurous with some blue body paint, why not try Avatar?

Have fun and be adventurous this Halloween!


Got a unique or weird costume idea? Let us know @easyblinds or via Facebook.

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