Get a blackout blind for the nursery!

Our blackout blinds are fantastic for both the bedroom and the nursery – whether you’re an infant or an adult, these sleep aids will certainly do the trick! Don’t let outside light hinder
your well-needed rest. With our blinds, you can put them up and take them down as easily
as 1, 2, 3.


Our growing range of blackout blinds, blackout kits and blackout accessories provides a range of blackout solutions to select from, the common factor is that they are all very effective! Children will go to sleep earlier in summer months and sleep longer in the morning when supported by a sensible bed time routine and blackout blind solution for their window.

Read this post to find out 11 reasons why blackout blinds are a fantastic buy for your home this summer to benefit you and the whole family!

One of our most popular blinds is the easyblackout kit which uses a new blackout material which attaches directly to hook Velcro®.  You can also use it with our suction cups (not included in this kit) to use your easyblackout when away from home. We have over 31 positive reviews from customers who have been impressed by this product, with one parent commenting:

“I got mine more than one year ago and it’s been the best buy since we’ve had our baby. You get total blackout, it’s very easy to use and the Velcro bit still is in perfect working condition after more than one year use on a daily basis! Really pleased and have recommended it to loads of people already” – Armele.

Why not get one for your little one’s nursery today? From just £17.95, this is definitely one of the most affordable yet worthwhile buys for new parents!


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Essential life hacks for new parents!

Parenthood is no doubt one of the most stressful experiences you’ll have, but it’s also one of the most, if not the most, rewarding thing you’ll ever do.



Of course, one of the joys of parenting is that it’s a huge learning process – except it never ends! You’re always going to learn new things and you’ll almost always figure out what the best thing to do is after you’ve spent forever thinking about it and going about it the hard way. Plus there’s the mums at playgroup who always make things seem easier than they actually are. But don’t fret, we’re all in the same boat, or we have been, or are going to be. Grab something chocolatey and watch ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ and know that we’re not all experts and it’s supposed to be a roller coaster.

And read our list of life hacks for new parents!

1. Get a shoe organizer for the back of your door

shoe organizer

A brilliant way to stay organised – use this for toys, bottles, creams, nappies, the list is endless! It’s better than having to rummage through draws! In the long run, this will save hours of searching and faffing!

2. Always have chilled bananas at the ready during teething


Cut up some bananas and leave them in the fridge for a while before giving them to your baby to suck on. The cooling effect will numb the pain and the texture of the banana will be soothing when they bite down, whilst giving them one of their five a day!

3. Give yourself a time-out


Don’t forget to give yourself a moment of ‘me time’, even if it’s just a few minutes of being alone and breathing every day. Parenthood is stressful, but to reap the rewards you have to give yourself a break once in a while. Use baby’s nap time as an opportunity to wind down for a little while and don’t ever be afraid of asking a friend of family member to take over if you just need a time-out.

4. Dunk a dummy in milk and freeze to soothe teething

pacifier in milk

Dip a dummy in some milk or water and freeze it to make an ice dummy! Great for numbing pain and soothing the gums, the same as with the bananas. Plus it’s a little different and will most likely amuse your baby, distracting them from the frustration of teething!

5. Buy nappies that are one size bigger

side view of pretty crawling baby girl

Bigger nappies do wonders for soaking up excess pee during the night! Plus they’ll eventually need bigger nappies anyway! P.S Bulk buy (e.g. Amazon) – it’s cheaper and you’ll never run low!

6. Warm a towel on the radiator, ready for after a bath

Cute baby girl

Some babies love a good bath and some absolutely loathe it. However your baby feels about it, they’ll definitely appreciate a warm towel to greet them when they come out. Especially since babies’ skin is extremely sensitive so sudden temperatures will be unsettling – a warm towel will do just the trick.

7. Invest in a blackout blind!


Help to settle your baby (and yourself!) into a healthy and stable sleep routine with a blackout blind. Many of our customers have found their babies have slept for longer consistently with our blinds. Read our reviews for the popular easyblackout blind kit and see how one of these could help you!

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Pregnancy myths we still believe



Becoming a mum is one of the hardest yet rewarding experiences of your life, but it can also be quite confusing. Before science, old wives’ tales were the guides to a successful pregnancy – and even today we still hear them!

Check out these top 8 pregnancy myths (i.e. don’t listen to them!)

1. “You’re eating for two now!”

It’s natural to want to indulge a little more when you’re pregnant, but it’s important to be cautious. You’re not eating for two because your baby doesn’t need the same amount a fully grown human being will need. In fact, you’ll only need to consume 300 calories more every day. That’s about half of your average dinner more every day.

2. Don’t dye your hair

Don’t worry, you don’t need to compromise your appearance whilst pregnant. Most research is inconclusive in showing that dying your hair has a negative impact on your baby. The NHS says that some studies have found that high doses of chemicals may cause harm, but these doses are massive in comparison to the low amount of chemicals you’re exposed to when dying your hair.

3. Eat a curry to induce labour

This was thought to be true as spicy food would activate the bowels, therefore encouraging action in the uterus, but there’s actually no conclusive evidence to prove this. In fact, spicy foods (amongst others such as citrus fruits) are warned against as they can induce heartburn. There are so many tricks and old wives’ tales from around the world on how to induce labour, but when they do work it’s often just mere coincidence.


4. Avoid exercise while pregnant

If you’re a fitness buff, you don’t need to worry that the next 9 months should be spent being inactive. Although, you’ll have to accept that you won’t be able to do the really challenging workouts as you approach your final trimester. Exercise is great whilst being pregnant because you’ll feel fit and you’ll also feel happier as working out releases endorphins, giving you that positive and uplifting feeling. Yoga is a fantastic exercise during pregnancy as it’s great for breathing and relaxing. Check out the NHS site for tips on exercising during your pregnancy.

5. A high bump means it’s a girl, low bump means it’s a boy!

Not true. There are a lot of variations to this old wives’ tale, such as how “pointy” the bump is and weight gain in other places indicating the sex of the baby, but it’s completely irrelevant. The shape of your bump depends on the construction of your body in terms of your weight and muscle tone. As every body is different, bumps are going to differ as well. Apart from scans and waiting until the baby is born, there’s no way of telling what the gender is, but at least you’ve got a 50% chance of getting it right!

6. Don’t pet your cat during pregnancy

The only thing you need to worry about with cats is dealing with litter due to the risk of toxoplasmosis, which can harm your baby. So as long as you avoid that don’t worry about getting close to your cat, cuddle away!


7. If your mother had an easy pregnancy, so will you

So much is genetic, but, unfortunately, how easy your mother and grandmother had it during their pregnancy isn’t. Some mothers experience terrible morning sickness, whereas other mothers never get it. Your mum may have craved pickles during her pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you will! You’ll never know how it is for you until you actually experience it.

8. Avoid coffee

Too much coffee is bad for you in general, but if you’re one of those people who has to have a cuppa in the morning to feel alive, it won’t do you any harm. The NHS advises to decrease your caffeine intake whilst pregnant, but 200mg a day (the equivalent to two mugs of instant coffee) is fine and will do no harm to your baby.

What pregnancy myths have you heard? Tell us on our Facebook page or @easyblinds.






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Must-have baby products for new parents!

New baby? Here are 5 must-have baby products we offer for all new parents! Our blinds manage and aid both your sleep and your infant’s, making sleep-time that bit easier!

1. easynight™ portable blackout blind


This is our latest and one of our best-selling blackout blinds. It’s our lightest and most versatile blind yet – ideal for travelling and using out and about so you can take #easysleep with you wherever you go! Included with suction cups, they’re ready to go as soon as they’re delivered, and even comes with it’s own little bag which is light enough to carry with you anywhere! easynight™ also uses our most advanced blackout material, which is silvered on one side for better light and heat reflection. Plus, like all our blinds, they’re able to keep you warm in winter and cooler in summer! This blind is the perfect accessory for a new baby or for your sleeping satisfaction.

easynight™ has received some great reviews, for example Kat said: “Brilliant product! Has transformed my bright south facing bedroom and my baby’s sleep routine! Very impressed with this product at such a great price.”

Click here for more reviews and for more product information.

2. Sleepsoft ear plugs



Light sleeper? Then these are definitely for you. One of the most trying aspects of being a new parent is the lack of sleep, so it’s important that the sleep you do get is of good quality. These ear plugs are clever because they are designed to reduce ambient noise (and snoring!) whilst things you don’t want to miss, such as a crying baby or an alarm will remain sufficiently audible.

3. SnoozeShade Blackout Blind for prams and strollers


We’re proud to be stocking this amazing product – the UK’s first blackout blind for prams and pushchairs to help babies get to sleep when out and about! Forget blankets and coats, this blind provides ventilation whilst keeping your baby snug, warm and in a perfect environment to nod off, even if you’re in a busy surrounding! It even has a front zip so you can check on your baby without disturbing them from their slumber.

4. easyblackout Velcro® blackout kit

easyblackout corner-385x385

This blackout blind is one of our most popular and has achieved a 5-star rating from all our customer reviews! For use at home and can be cut to fit any window size or shape, it’s so easy to put up and take down, especially since it uses self-adhesive Velcro. Guaranteed to give you no gaps, so no light can peek through and disturb you or your baby’s sleep, it provides a perfectly peaceful environment.

Click here for more product information and reviews.

5. SnoozeShade Blackout Blind for infant car seats


Another SnoozeShade, but this time it’s for the car! This is an award-winning car sun-shade which aids sleep when you’re on the move (great for those longer journeys!) and also acts as a UV-ray protector.

And there you have it – our top 5  must-have baby products! Happy easysleeping!


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Baby Shower? Why an easyblinds kit would be the perfect gift!

blackout blind stickon

Have a friend who’s having a baby? Look no further than easyblinds! Whether you’re buying for a friend, or you’re pregnant yourself and thinking of what to request, easyblinds is the perfect gift that any Mum (or Mum-to-be) would appreciate!


Because it benefits both mum and baby! Like any new Mum understands, getting yourself and your baby to sleep can be incredibly difficult. It often takes babies a while before they settle into a routine, and so blocking out light can help to get some valuable sleep during the day for mummies and babies! Since our blinds cover windows 100%, light will not leak through, which usually would disrupt sleep, as well as cause premature waking.

According to WebMD, lack of sleep can contribute to a weakened immune system, making it more likely to get a cold or a flu. Plus, sleep deprivation can lead to a decrease in mood levels, making depression and similar illnesses more likely. We all feel cranky if we don’t get enough sleep, so getting some well-needed rest during the day is possible and advisable with easyblinds (also, check out last week’s blog post on the benefits of napping!). New mums are bound to be exhausted, but our range of kits allows mums to choose what suits their lifestyle, and spend more time enjoying their baby rather than yawning!

Other great gift ideas would be the SnoozeShade Blackout Blind for prams and strollers, and the SnoozeShade Blackout Blind for infant car seats,  so baby can sleep soundly on the move!

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New Baby? Here’s a Checklist to Get You Started!


So you’re pregnant! Here’s 6 tips to get you on your way!

1. Maternity wear There are millions of stores! Check out the Mothercare collection here. It’s better to get some new clothes as soon as you can; it’ll save you the stress of later on panicking if you don’t fit into your regular clothes later on, especially if you’re a busy person! Try and stick to clothes you wear normally, instead of just changing to boring, bulky tops and dresses – feeling sexy and yourself is very important in maintaining your mental health and stability during this change.

2. Get some reading done – Here’s a list of great reads about motherhood. In particular, have a look at What to Expect the First Year and Baby Laughs: The Naked Truth About the First Year of Mommyhood. Of course, you’ll really only learn when the baby actually comes, but it’s good to read about other experiences, tricks and opinions – especially to get a bit of a laugh! You may also find it useful to join and follow sites such as Mother & Baby and NetMums.

3. Start looking at deals for all of your baby essentials – Boots is a great place to go for deals: have a look here. They also have their own Parenting Club, giving Mums more points per pound, deals and offers, plus free packs and magazines. IF you have a day to yourself, do some window-shopping and look around the shops and websites to see what’s on offer before rushing at the end, where you could be missing out on a deal.

4. Start taking your vitamins and watch your diet – This article by NHS Choices is great for providing all of the information you need about vitamins and health during your pregnancy. Too much Vitamin A is to be avoided, as this can harm your baby, but it is important to maintain healthy levels of: Folic Acid (helps prevent birth defects), Vitamin D (regulates calcium and phosphates for good bones and teeth), Iron (to maintain energy and blood levels, preventing anaemia) and Calcium (for helping to develop strong bones and teeth in your baby). It’s also important to have as much fibre in your diet as possible, especially to prevent or ease constipation.

5. Try to alleviate morning sickness – Most of the time, this is something that you will not have any control over. There aren’t explicit ways for everyone to completely stop this, but you can find what works for you to alleviate it and make you feel less groggy. Try out different things, whether it be a slither of chocolate, some green (or normal) tea, or a slice of plain wholemeal bread. According to the NHS Choices site, ginger often helps. The only universal tips we can give you is don’t over or under-eat!

6. Get some #easysleep with easyblinds – You’re going to need this for both you and your baby! Your symptoms may be giving you less sleep at night, but don’t let that stop you from kipping in the day. Also, once baby comes along, you’ll need more sleep during the day as nights will be spent nursing your newborn! Our blackout blinds can help to get your child into a healthy routine. Take a look at what we offer on our homepage.


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Sleep Expert – Tracey Hogg the Baby Whisperer

In our first sleep expert feature we discussed Gina Ford’s method, today we will introduce you the Tracy Hogg the Baby Whisperer.

Tracy’s method is a much gentler approach to sleep but still involves a nightly routine.

Tracy uses the EASY method:

E – Eat

A – Activity

S – Sleep

Y – You (time for you)

One of her main no-no’s is feeding your baby to sleep. Baby should not be feed to sleep and they will not learn to self sooth.

The EASY method takes around 4 hours a night and 1 ½ hours a nap time.

It is a long routine but thousands of parents swear by EASY.

This is an ideal routine some a parent that wants a gentle approach.

Tracy Hogg has written several baby books that will teach you’re the EASY Method.


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Pregnancy Niggles and How to Cope with Them: Morning Sickness

Pregnancy should be the most amazing experience for any woman but sometimes those pesky pregnancies niggles get in the way.

I blame those pregnancy hormones they do a great job getting the body really for baby but can leave mum feeling drained and washed out.

Here is our guide to morning sickness.

Morning Sickness

Not every woman will get morning sickness and it doesn’t just appear in the morning. Its most common in the first trimester often goes by about 14 weeks though for others it can last the whole pregnancy.  It is thought that the hormone changes cause the nausea and sickness.

Some women will only get feelings of nausea while others will be sick. Some women get a severe form called hyperemesis gravidarum this is very serious and you should visit your GP if you think you have this and you can become dehydrated.

There is no cure for morning sickness but there are things you can do to help ease the feeling:

Eat little and often, try not to let your stomach become empty as this makes it worse. Try nibbling on dry crackers, bread, toast and other carbs.

Stick to plain foods, spicy or greasy food may make it worse.

If you find you wake feeling sick, take it slowly getting up. Try keeping crackers or plain biscuits next to you and have a little nibble before you get up.

Drink plenty of fluids water is best. Don’t drink it too quickly.

Ginger is supposed to be good for morning sickness and you can get it many forms from tea to biscuits.

Make sure you get enough sleep, tiredness will make nausea worse.  Try and grab a nap during the day if you can. This might be a good time to invest in a blackout blind for you bedroom.

Some mums swear by acupressure this is where you wear a wrist band which puts pressure on certain points that reduce the feeling of nausea. Try Sea-Bands Mama.


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5 Useful Posts for if You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful time but it can be overwhelming. There is so much to do to get ready for baby whilst coping with the changes in your body.

We have pulled together 5 of pregnancy posts to help make life a little easier for you.

Good luck with your pregnancy we hope our posts have been helpful.


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Blackout Blinds in Pregnancy

Blackout blinds are not just great from Children but can come in very handy when you are pregnant as well.

It’s really important to take care of yourself during pregnancy and lack of sleep can make leave you run down and feeling terrible.

Tiredness tends to be at its worse during the first and third trimester though some women find they are tired throughout the whole pregnancy, especially if you already have children.

A good night’s sleep can really benefit you and if you can get in the odd lie in that’s even better.  If you find that you are having trouble sleeping at night caused by frequent trips to the bathroom or pregnancy insomnia then daytime naps could be the answer.

If you find it hard to nap during the day then a blackout blind can really help, I always found it was too light nap in the day.  Get a travel blackout blind so you can use it during pregnancy and while baby is in your room and then you can move it to their room afterwards.

Of course if you are at works it’s less easy to catch a nap but even 10 minutes when you get home will help. Make the most of nap times when you start your maternity leave it; store up that sleep you will need it when baby comes!


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