Summer Activities For You & Your Little One!


1. Do some baking!

Make some brownies or your little one’s first Victoria Sponge! BBC Good Food is packed with loads of different recipes waiting for you to try out. Alternatively, make a smoothie! It’s summery and it’s a great way to get your child into fruit.

2. Visit the beach and build some sandcastles

Mess about on the beach, build sandcastles and look at sea creatures! If you don’t find any there’s always the Aquarium.

3. Visit the zoo

Of course, this is a must-do any time of the year! Feast on some ice-cream whilst you observe the chimpanzee and feed the elephants! Remember which animals your child loves so you can incorporate them into stories at bed time!

4. Add some imagination to bath time

Have a look at getting some accessories for bath time – you’ll be having fun AND getting your little one clean at the same time. Turn bath toys into story characters and you’ve also got story-time! Have a look at Tesco’s website for some great ideas.

5. It might be warm, but watch Frozen anyway!

This is THE Disney film of the moment, and even though you’ve probably watched it a million times, I’m sure your little one wouldn’t say no to watching it again! While you’re at it, why not have a Disney marathon?!

6. Don’t just visit a park – visit a theme park

Have a look on Netmums for some really good theme park ideas!

7. Have a picnic

Or a BBQ! Or both! Maybe even allow your little one to choose what you’ll be having on your picnic so they feel involved and be creative. Since this summer looks like it’ll be a heated one, a few outdoor meals are definitely in order!

8. Do some arts and crafts in the sun!

Glitter. Glue. Paint. Paper. Go! Head down to your local store and get crazy with creating this summer. Why not also try building something together? A dolls house, Lego – you name it!

9. Visit a Festival

Whether it’s a festival, a magic show or even a car boot sale, get the family out and spice up your summer! Look for events happening in your area and let the fun begin!

10. And finally, get some easyblinds for a well-deserved kip!

As the summer heats up, our blinds will allow you to take that afternoon nap as they’ll keep you cool and keep the sunlight away, leaving you refreshed when you wake. Also, as the days get longer with brighter nights, you won’t need to worry so much about getting your little one to sleep on time with the sun bursting into the bedroom. Get some #easysleep so you can be ready for the next day’s activities.

There you are! Enjoy your summer activities!


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New Year, New Bed Time Routine

Happy New Year! Is your new year resolution to get more sleep? Or to be specific to get your child to go to bed?

Now is the perfect time to start that bed time routine. The excitement of Christmas is over; the disruption is over now it’s time to get that sleep routine sorted out.

As with any routine the key is consistency, you should stick to the same things every night and if they go to stay over at grandparents ask then to follow the same routine.

You will find that it will take a few days for the routine to work but once it’s in place you will wonder why you didn’t do this before.

Here is our suggested routine for a toddler:

  • Bedtime snack with some warm milk
  • Bath time, use a lavender bubble bath to help sooth them
  • Get them dressed into their bedclothes
  • Put them in bed
  • Have a chat about both of your days that will help them relax
  • Story time; try not to choose something too exciting
  • Kiss them goodnight and leave them to fall asleep
  • If your child doesn’t like the room too dark then leave a night light on for them or of they prefer it really dark then an easy blackout blind is perfect.

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Merry Christmas from EasyBlinds

Just one more sleep to go until the big day!

We want to wish you a very merry Christmas and we hope you have an amazing day.

If you are worried about getting the children asleep tonight then read our tips on getting them to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Travelling this Christmas? our top 5 travelling with children posts may be of some help to you.

Where ever you are this year we know it will be magical.

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Getting Your Child Asleep on Christmas Eve

Christmas is a really exciting time of year for everyone especially children. It’s really tempting to let them stay up late, however you run the risk of having very tired children the next day as they are bound to get up early!

Here are our tips on getting your child to sleep on Christmas Eve:

  • Try and stick to your bedtime routine as much as possible.
  • Keep them active all day so they are tired. You may want to take them for a walk after dinner.
  • Try not and get them too excited I know it’s hard but if you get them too worked up they will never go to sleep.
  • You could try taking them to bed a little earlier as they will try and stay awake as long as possible.
  • Make sure their room is calm and dark, you could use a blackout blind to do this.
  • A warm milky drink before bed can help relax them.
  • If they get out of bed send take them straight back to bed.

We hope these tips are helpful and you have a great Christmas Eve


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6 Posts for Parents of Toddlers

Toddlers can be a handful; they go from cute babies who don’t do much to little rockets tearing around.

We have chosen 6 of our toddler post to share with you which might make life with a toddler that little bit easier.

Sleep Routine for Your Toddler

It’s important for your toddler to have a good bedtime routine; this means they are less likely to be grumpy throughout the day.  And you will be much more relaxed

Perfect Bedtime Books for Toddler

A bedtime story is an essential part of your toddler bedtime routine. Here are our pick of 5 great bedtime books

3  Children Sleep Problems: Early Risers

Is your child an early riser? We have some advice for experts on how to deal with them and get a bit more sleep in the morning.

SnoozeShade Buggy Blackout Blind

A must have item for any mother to ensure a sleeping toddler stays sleeping.

5  Blind Cord Safety and Black Out Blinds

Every year, an average of two young children in the UK are strangled to death by looped blind or curtain cords. Make sure your child stays safe.

Better Sleep for Toddlers

How to get a better night’s sleep for your toddler.



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The Bedroom Environment

If you, or your child, are having difficulty getting to sleep at night, one of the first things to look at is the bedroom.

A bedroom should be relaxing, not stimulating, so take a look around the room and see what could be changed. Bright colours may be too exciting and overstimulate the occupier, leaving them tossing and turning and unable to drift off.  And computers and TVs should stay out of bedrooms if at all possible. If there is no where else to put electronic equipment, then it should be turned off and covered up at night, especially in children’s bedrooms. The same goes for toys; put them away in boxes at night, don’t leave them out on display.

The right curtains for a bedroom should block out as much light as possible. Sometimes blackout linings that attach to the existing curtains will do the trick, but good quality blackout roller blinds or velcro blackout blinds will make the room darker, and therefore easier to sleep in.

Blackout linings and blinds will also help reduce any noise from outside the house, but it may also be worth looking at reducing any indoor noise going on at the same time that someone is trying to get to sleep. Hearing voices in real life or on the TV can stop people from falling asleep, while music or ‘white noise’ can help.

A comfortable mattress and pillow is a must for a good night’s sleep. If you are tossing and turning in your old bed,  it may be time to buy a new mattress; there are plenty of showrooms where you can try before you buy. If your child is having difficulty getting to sleep make sure their bed is big enough for them. They may need to be moved from a cot to a toddler bed, or from a toddler bed into a full-sized single.

Finally, check the bedroom isn’t too hot or too cold; 18-22C is said to be the best temperature to encourage sleep.


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Why You Should Keep Your Kids in the Dark

Don’t worry! I mean it literally. OK maybe that doesn’t sound any better but it should, because darkness is important for children. They’re less able to cope with the many negative effects of bad sleep; effects that parents mitigate against with things like caffeine and pro-plus. Maybe we feel that sometimes we have no choice, but we’re old enough to cope emotionally with a bad night’s sleep now and then. But is a child? Probably not. It’s why I think using blackout blinds in your child’s room can make a real difference.

Children’s cell growth is happening at a rate we can scarcely imagine, and a 2010 study by Dr. Rachel Ben-Shlomo shows that the biological clock in our very cells is affected by unwanted light, meaning that cell-division is interrupted. Given how vital growth is at this stage of life, it’s no wonder kids sleep more than adults.

But wait, there’s more. As important as the physical growth is the emotional growth of your child. Kids who suffer from emotional troubles of their own will find it harder to form friendships and negotiate all the other tricky parts of growing up. Sleep studies have shown that when we are deprived of proper sleep, the region of the brain called the amygdala becomes more active, leading to more emotional reactions and less higher reasoning. To give you an idea of the effect this can have – this same pattern is witnessed in people who suffer from bipolar disorder! Sound familiar? If there’s one thing any parent can relate to its finding your children having incredibly changeable moods!

With blackout blinds we can eliminate one source of this trouble, and that’s sleep. Bipolar disorder is directly associated with a disruption of the biological clock. While your child is hopefully not bipolar, their sleep patterns may be. If they’re being woken up early, or their sleep patterns are being disrupted by street lighting, there is one simple solution and that’s this – keep your kids in the dark! Blackout blinds or blackout curtains in their room can make all the difference in regulating their sleep, and making for a happier, healthier child – both physically and emotionally.

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Good Sleep, Good Behaviour! Blackout Blinds in your toddler’s nursery can make the difference.

Anyone with a toddler or three running around will know just how cranky a tired two-year old can get. Sometimes it’s hard to believe just how angry it’s possible for them to be, and it’s not something a parent can plan for. Naturally, if they’re going to have a bad night’s sleep, they “choose” the night before an important day like their own birthday party. One of the keys to good sleep is sleeping long enough. It sounds intuitive, but early mornings and street lighting conspire to interrupt sleep patterns. This is where blackout blinds come in.

Why is sleep so important anyway? And if it’s that important, why don’t babies know that?!

The problem is, nobody can really prove just why sleep is needed at all. If sleep is about rest, then we should be able to gain the same benefit by just sitting very still for several hours in the evening. I can’t speak for everyone of course, but that sounds like most of my weeknights anyway. It’s clearly more than just physical rest.

Some scientific studies lead to the theory that sleep is a time for the brain to organise and problem-solve. Both of those must be happening in a child’s brain almost non-stop! It’s no wonder they need eleven hours a night. The trouble is, most kids get less than that, especially in the spring and summer. Worse still, of course, those months are when they’re most active. Maintaining regular sleep is of huge benefit to your child’s wellbeing, their mental development and every parent’s life. Blackout material in your nursery can help to regulate your child’s sleep, and by extension their behaviour. A rested child is a happy child….and parent.

Are you using blackout blinds for your toddler and baby?

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