Don’t Lose Sleep Over Street Lights

street lights


Street lights – they keep us safe, guide us home, but unfortunately they can also be the reason you spend most of the next day yawning.

With light streaming in through the curtains, it will often leave you tossing and turning instead of getting good-quality shut eye.

As winter approaches, we’re now waking up and coming home when it looks like midnight when we would usually be fast asleep, which can confuse our body clock and make us increasingly tired.

Also, dark days and cold weather can make us more likely to suffer from depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) due to a reduced exposure to sunlight, and getting good sleep is one key way to ward off symptoms.

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can lead to poor mental and physical health, with the average adult needing at least 7 hours a night, so don’t let something like street lighting affect what would be otherwise peaceful and good-quality sleep.

Our blackout blinds are brilliant because they do exactly what it says on the box! They completely block out the light for a blacked-out room for sound sleep so you don’t need to worry about waking up half-way through the night to see a street light piercing through.

All of our blinds are also really easy and quick to put up and take down, so if you want it down during the day, you won’t be spending ages faffing about trying to do it.

Another plus is that in cold weather, our blackout blinds act as an insulator and keep in heat (and keeps rooms cooler on warmer days as well!) so you’ll feel slightly less of a pinch with your heating bills.

What’s been affecting your sleep recently?  Let us know @easyblinds or on Facebook.

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‘easynight’ – Our NEW Lightweight and Portable Blackout Blind

Our new product is here! This July, we’re unveiling our new blackout blind – easynight! Along with that, we’re introducing our brand-new easyblinds logo and mascot, Snoozy the Rooster!

easynight pack-385x385

Are you looking for a lightweight blackout blind that’s compact and great for travelling? Then look no further than easynight!

With a black blackout sheet, fit for large windows (up to 2m x 1.4m), and specially designed for when you’re on the move, this new blind will not disappoint you this summer. It folds up really small, and being so lightweight, it’ll hardly take up any room in your holiday luggage! You can customise your blind by ordering either 3m Command™ or Go Anywhere™ suction cups to hang your blind.

We’ve already had our First 5 Get It Free offer, but don’t worry – you won’t miss out, as you can get £3 off your easynight kit until August 18th! (To redeem this offer, you must use the discount code: easysleep.)

We, here at easyblinds, pride ourselves with offering great products to primarily give you great sleep (click here to see other uses and functions of easyblinds’ blackout blinds). Over the years, since our birth in 2002, we’re been experimenting and testing to find the best methods and materials. Now, we’re presenting our newest invention: easynight – for a really easy night.

Audrey Buck, easyblinds’ creator and founder, is incredibly excited about easynight’s launch: “We’ve worked really hard, and it’s so fulfilling that we’re almost at the point of launching our new product. ‘easynight’ is a perfect holiday accessory; I’m so proud to be presenting what I believe is one of easyblinds’ best products.”

If you have any questions about our new product, ask us via Twitter or email us at

easynight new product 2

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Why easyblinds is a Great Summer Must-Have!

easyblinds pic6

So, why should you bother investing in an easyblinds blackout kit this summer?

1. Our blackout blinds keep rooms warmer on cold days and cooler on warm days

We don’t just provide products that help you get #easysleep all day long – they have other uses too! With a hot summer ahead, you can apply our blinds to rooms and stay cool, and keep the heat in on traditional British summer days.

2. Brighter mornings and sunnier evenings

Studies have found that you fall asleep twice as fast in darkness than when exposed to light. With our blinds, you can get your valuable sleep, which would often be lost due to earlier sunrises in the morning and later sunsets in the evening. You can have complete control over your sleep schedule!

3. Travel blackout blinds – take #easysleep with you!

We currently offer two types of travel blackout blinds: the Go Anywhere portable blind and the Gro Anywhere Travel blind, so whether you’re home or away this summer, you can get your beauty sleep!

4. Entertaining the kids this summer: Screen projection

Yet another feature of our blackout blinds: our blackout material can be used as a screen to project onto! 2.7m wide is often hard to find, but we provide it! Enjoy home cinema as it should be.

5. Better sleep, better mood!

If you wake up feeling anxious, tired and unenergetic, you’ve set yourself up for a bad day. Getting great sleep is a vital part of maintaining and increasing your health, wellbeing and overall mood. If you’re getting good sleep then the chances are you’ll enjoy the summer a lot more! Our blinds are brilliant for infants, kids and adults, so all the family can get restful sleep, ready for a great day ahead.



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Study Finds Less Sleep = Less Brain Cells

According to a recent BBC article, mice that had prolonged lack of sleep had their brain cell capacity reduced by 25%, as stated by the Journal of Neuroscience. This is apparently the first study to have found that reduced shut-eye correlates with reduced brain cells.

US scientists believe that this mirrors the brain activity in humans, meaning that reduced sleep can could cause serious problems.

Read the full article here.

So, for those of you missing out on some well-needed rest, what should you do? Here’s a few tips!

1. If possible, stick to a routine. The body-clock is vital!

2. If you can’t sleep with any noise, try some earplugs.

3. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and big meals before bed.

4. And if you can’t sleep with any light, try our blackout blinds!


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New Year, New Bed Time Routine

Happy New Year! Is your new year resolution to get more sleep? Or to be specific to get your child to go to bed?

Now is the perfect time to start that bed time routine. The excitement of Christmas is over; the disruption is over now it’s time to get that sleep routine sorted out.

As with any routine the key is consistency, you should stick to the same things every night and if they go to stay over at grandparents ask then to follow the same routine.

You will find that it will take a few days for the routine to work but once it’s in place you will wonder why you didn’t do this before.

Here is our suggested routine for a toddler:

  • Bedtime snack with some warm milk
  • Bath time, use a lavender bubble bath to help sooth them
  • Get them dressed into their bedclothes
  • Put them in bed
  • Have a chat about both of your days that will help them relax
  • Story time; try not to choose something too exciting
  • Kiss them goodnight and leave them to fall asleep
  • If your child doesn’t like the room too dark then leave a night light on for them or of they prefer it really dark then an easy blackout blind is perfect.

You can also read:

Sleep Routine for Your 6 Months Old

Sleep Routine for Your 1 Year Old




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Blackout Blinds in Pregnancy

Blackout blinds are not just great from Children but can come in very handy when you are pregnant as well.

It’s really important to take care of yourself during pregnancy and lack of sleep can make leave you run down and feeling terrible.

Tiredness tends to be at its worse during the first and third trimester though some women find they are tired throughout the whole pregnancy, especially if you already have children.

A good night’s sleep can really benefit you and if you can get in the odd lie in that’s even better.  If you find that you are having trouble sleeping at night caused by frequent trips to the bathroom or pregnancy insomnia then daytime naps could be the answer.

If you find it hard to nap during the day then a blackout blind can really help, I always found it was too light nap in the day.  Get a travel blackout blind so you can use it during pregnancy and while baby is in your room and then you can move it to their room afterwards.

Of course if you are at works it’s less easy to catch a nap but even 10 minutes when you get home will help. Make the most of nap times when you start your maternity leave it; store up that sleep you will need it when baby comes!


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Merry Christmas from EasyBlinds

Just one more sleep to go until the big day!

We want to wish you a very merry Christmas and we hope you have an amazing day.

If you are worried about getting the children asleep tonight then read our tips on getting them to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Travelling this Christmas? our top 5 travelling with children posts may be of some help to you.

Where ever you are this year we know it will be magical.

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Getting Your Child Asleep on Christmas Eve

Christmas is a really exciting time of year for everyone especially children. It’s really tempting to let them stay up late, however you run the risk of having very tired children the next day as they are bound to get up early!

Here are our tips on getting your child to sleep on Christmas Eve:

  • Try and stick to your bedtime routine as much as possible.
  • Keep them active all day so they are tired. You may want to take them for a walk after dinner.
  • Try not and get them too excited I know it’s hard but if you get them too worked up they will never go to sleep.
  • You could try taking them to bed a little earlier as they will try and stay awake as long as possible.
  • Make sure their room is calm and dark, you could use a blackout blind to do this.
  • A warm milky drink before bed can help relax them.
  • If they get out of bed send take them straight back to bed.

We hope these tips are helpful and you have a great Christmas Eve


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Visiting Family this Christmas? Must Pack Travel Blackout Blinds!

You’ve packed the presents, the travel cot, and enough clothes for a month. Don’t forget the travel blackout blinds!

Being away from home can make it difficult to get your child to sleep, it will be new to them and they will be excited. You can help make the transition easier for them by sticking to your normal bedtime routine.

A travel blackout blind will help as well and once the room is dark they won’t realise they are somewhere else.

We have a few different types of travel blackout blinds for you to choose from:

Go Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind

Gro Anywhere Travel Blackout Blind


Blackout In An Instant

Stick On Blackout Blinds

Make sure you add a travel blackout blind to your packing list!


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Guest Post: Blackout Blinds for a Narrowboat Baby

Peggy works from home.When we had our first baby we were living on a 57 foot narrowboat. There are a lot of compromises to be made when you live in a small space and we only had one bedroom. The baby slept in a special hammock in our cabin, which was suspended above our bed.

Although it was the topic of hot debate at our NCT coffee mornings I was secretly a bit of a fan of the Gina Ford book. I know it gets called ‘baby boot camp’ and all but once I started getting a routine in place it seemed to make caring for a young baby so much easier. An important part of the routine is sleep times, both day time and night time, and for this we found our blackout blinds were essential.

When I was pregnant we got ourselves kitted out with blackout blinds for the whole boat. We had two in the bedroom cabin and then had one above the dinette, two in the living area and two blackout blinds in the kitchen. This meant that any part, or all of the boat could be blacked out, depending on where the baby was. We used this to our advantage. The baby hammock was movable; she sometimes had her day-time nap above the dining booth: with the window blacked out.

At other times the hammock was in the kitchen, again using the blackout blinds. Being versatile with your space is essential when you live on a narrowboat, so the blackout blinds gave us a lot of flexibility.

In the mornings we felt it was the blackout blinds that allowed our daughter to sleep just a little bit longer, so that she didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn.

The baby and I would meet the NCT mums for coffee and cake every Tuesday as regular as clockwork. I was embarrassed to admit that I was completely devoted to the Gina Ford routine, yet my friends were impressed at how my baby seemed to nap on command. We all agreed on one routine though: sharing advice and a bit of cake every week was an essential part of our weekly schedule that couldn’t be missed.



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