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easynight(TM) blackout fabric, seconds (200cm x 145cm)

easynight(TM) blackout fabric, seconds (200cm x 145cm) £ 4.95 In stock

This listing is for 'seconds' easynight fabric.

This usually means a small cosmetic mark somewhere on the fabric.

This is the fabric used in our easynight home and portable blackout blinds.

This black blackout material is silvered on the reverse side for better light and heat reflection.

Lightweight (170g per square metre) and effective, this fabric folds to a compact size and so is great for blackout both at home and when away, just pop it in your travel bag.

Easily cut to size with sharp scissors, this fabric does not fray.

Making a blackout blind?  Please note that this fabric needs both fabric and window attachments - please click on 'how it works' below for full details.


Availability: 22 in stock

Add the dimensions you require. We'll recommend the best size for you.

Width (cm)

Height (cm)



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Your measurements for our cutting service are larger than the dimensions of your chosen size

Width (cm)

Height (cm)

*300cm maximum width / height   *29cm minimum width / height


how it works

This fabric can be used to make a simple blackout blind in two steps:

First apply self-adhesive loop tape or self-adhesive Fabric Fastener strips (not included, available on the Accessories page) to the silver side of your easynight fabric

Then the fabric can be attached to the window with any of the following (all of these can be found on our Accessories page):

  • easyblinds suction cups, for attaching to the window glass

  • self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand hook fastener tape, suitable for upvc window frames

  • self-adhesive VELCRO Brand removable Frame Fastener strips, suitable for both wooden and upvc window frames

  • 3M Command(TM) Strips, suitable for both wooden and upvc window frames

The attachments on the blackout fabric should be positioned to correspond with the attachments on the window.


cutting service 

We can cut your fabric to size if you wish - simply tick the 'cutting service' box above, and you will be prompted to enter the height and width you require in centimetres.  Please make sure  your measurements are accurate and take account of any protruding handles as we cannot refund cut to size fabrics unless we have made a mistake.  The smallest size we cut is 29cm in either height or width.

We normally only send offcuts of a substantial size, but you can tell us in the comments box during checkout whether you wish to receive these or not.


more info.

  1. 140cm wide

  2. Available by the metre, up to 100m

  3. Machine washable on a gentle cycle (unless you have applied self-adhesive fastener tape, as this will detach if wet)

  4. Material ordered by the metre is supplied in one continuous piece up to 100m

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