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easyblackout with VELCRO® Brand hook fastener, seconds fabric, black, 2: 150 x 135cm

easyblackout with VELCRO® Brand hook fastener, seconds fabric, black, 2: 150 x 135cm £ 17.95 In stock

This listing is for an easyblackout kit with 'seconds' fabric.

Only the blackout fabric is of seconds quality (which usually means a small cosmetic mark somewhere on the fabric), otherwise this product is the same as standard stock.

Complete darkness is easily achieved by ensuring that there are no gaps around the window where light can enter.

Easyblackout fabric attaches directly to VELCRO® Brand hook fastener tape (included) on the window frame.  You can also use it with our suction cups (not included, but available on the 'Accessories' page) to use your easyblackout when away from home.

Between uses, instead of removing your blackout blind, you can use our magnetic tiebacks (pictured, but not included) to hold your blind open - these are available to purchase separately on our Accessories page.

Please note this kit is only suitable for use on upvc window frames.


Availability: 3 in stock

Add the dimensions you require. We'll recommend the best size for you.

Width (cm)

Height (cm)



Cutting Service

Hidden CS

Your measurements for our cutting service are larger than the dimensions of your chosen size

Width (cm)

Height (cm)

*300cm maximum width / height   *29cm minimum width / height


how it works

  1. Cut the easyblackout fabric to the shape and size required for your window.  For the best degree of blackout, we suggest ensuring an overlap of approx. 2cm on each of the four edges.  This excess should 'fold around' and sit against the window recess or surround.

  2. Apply the self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape (included) around the window frame.  (Please note that this product is suitable for upvc frames and is not recommended for painted wooden frames.)

  3. Press the easyblackout material against the VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape on the window and hey presto, blackout!

  4. Open and close daily as and when required.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

cutting service

We can cut your blind to size if you wish.  Please measure your window including all of the frame, ie from wall to wall.  Please add 4cm to the height and to the width measurements.  This gives the small overlap of 2cm on each of the four sides which is required for best blackout.  Please note that we will cut the size you tell us, we don't add the 4cm.

Please make sure  your measurements are accurate and take account of any protruding handles as we cannot refund cut to size blinds unless we have made a mistake.  Please contact us if you would like any help or advice with this.

The smallest size we cut is 29cm in either height or width.

We normally only send offcuts of a substantial size, but you can tell us in the comments box during checkout whether you wish to receive these or not.

sizes & more info.

Mini    70 x 135cm    Includes 5m fastener tape
Size 1    100cm x 135cm    Includes 5m fastener tape
Size 2    150cm x 135cm    Includes 6m fastener tape
Size 3    200cm x 135cm    Includes 7m fastener tape
Size 4    250cm x 135cm    Includes 8m fastener tape
Size 5    270cm x 135cm    Includes 9m fastener tape

Each kit includes sufficient fastener tape to make one blind of the maximum size.  If you would like to use any kit to make two or more smaller blinds, you may need additional fastener tape - you can find this on the Accessories page.

Easyblackout fabric can be cut with sharp scissors to the shape and size required.  It does not fray and does not need a hem.

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