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easydoor blind with seconds fabric, half door, wide width, cream

easydoor blind with seconds fabric, half door, wide width, cream £ 6.95 In stock

This listing is for an easydoor blind with seconds fabric - there may be some small marks on the fabric, but it is completely functional.

 Glazed and partially glazed doors can be a little tricky and expensive to cover with a blind.  This kit gives you a quick and easy blind which can be fitted in no time, and is convenient and neat.

Using blackout fabric, privacy is ensured when the blind is closed.

Self-adhesive fastener stickers hold the blind on the door.  The blind can be rolled up and held open with the straps provided, as shown.  You can also use a magnetic tieback, available separately here, for opening the blind - this gives flexibility with how little or how much the blind is open.  You can see all options in the videos to the left.

There is no sewing involved, no drills, screws or frames, and no other fittings are required.


Availability: 49 in stock

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