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Magnetic tiebacks

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These magnetic tiebacks are perfect for holding your blackout blinds or curtains open.

No fixings required - these tiebacks can be used to gather your blackout and hold it in an open position.  Use it to allow some light in when required, or to hold your blackout blind in an open position during waking hours.  Your blackout blind can be held open to the side like a curtain, or rolled up so that it is held neatly out of the way!

Each pack includes: a single magnetic tieback.  The diameter of each magnetic end is approximately 3.8cm, and the wire joining them is approximately 38cm.

Whilst a single tieback may be enough for a mini or size 1 blackout, two or more will be required for larger sizes.

How it works: each end of the tieback contains a magnet.  The tieback is used to gather the blind or curtain and when the ends are placed together, with one in front and one behind, the magnets will attach and hold in place.

Colours: white, cream and black.

Customer returns, when available, are as new and unused, but may occasionally be sent without original packaging.

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