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double-sided tape for Stick On plastic blackout sheet

double-sided tape for Stick On plastic blackout sheet £ 5.95 In stock

This double-sided sticky tape is only for use with our Stick On plastic blackout sheet - it does not work with any of our other fabrics.

Repositionable, it allows the Stick On sheet to be removed and re-applied several times.


Availability: 495 in stock

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how it works

This is a double-sided adhesive tape - one side sticks to the Stick On plastic blackout sheet, and when revealed, the other side can be stuck to the window - either to the glass or upvc frame.

The window side of the tape has a repositionable adhesive, so that it can be removed and reapplied several times.  When it looses it stickiness, simply replace it - the roll is 50m long.


This roll is 50m long.

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, 19-Nov-2021

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