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Hook and Loop fastener tapes

Hook and Loop fastener tapes £ 1.25 In stock

Self-Adhesive Fabric Fastener (loop) tape and VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape are supplied with our specially selected adhesives already applied.  Simply peel away the backing tape to use.

VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape is for use on upvc window frames (for painted wooden window frames please use Frame Fasteners instead), and can be used with any of our blackout blinds.

Fabric Fastener (loop) tape is for use with 'original' and 'easynight' blackout fabrics - once this is applied to either of these fabrics they can then be used with your choice of attachment on the window.


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how it works

Self-Adhesive VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape and loop fastener tape are supplied with a specially selected adhesive already applied.  Simply peel away the backing tape to use.

Hook Fastener tape is for use on window frames, and is for use on uPVC frames.  Please note that it is not recommended for use on painted wooden frames, as it can pull the paint away.  For wooden window frames, we recommend using our Frame Fasteners, available on the Accessories page.

Loop fastener tape sticks to easyblinds™ original blackout fabric and to easynight fabric.  It is not needed for easyblackout fabric.


VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape is 20mm (2cm) wide, and available in lengths up to 25m in one continuous piece.

Fabric Fastener tape is 50mm (5cm) wide, and available in lengths up to 50m is one continuous piece.

more information

With easyblackout fabric, you only need hook Velcro® - it should be applied continuously all around the window frame to ensure there will be no gaps where light could enter.  Easyblackout material attaches directly to VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape.

With 'original' blackout fabric and with easynight fabric, both hook and loop tapes are required - VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape is applied around the window frame, and loop Fabric Fastener tape is applied around the blackout material.

  • All hook and loop fastener tapes are supplied in white

  • VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape is 2cm wide, for use on window frames

  • Loop fastener tape is 5cm wide, for use on original and easynight blackout materials (this is not needed with easyblackout material)

  • The adhesive on the Hook Fastener tape is suitable for use on uPVC window frames only

  • Durable for frequent use

  • Please note that our adhesive, although not permanent, is quite strong and could pull paint or varnish away from wooden window frames, particularly where the finish is not sound.  For wooden frames, we recommend using Frame Fasteners instead

  • When Hook Fastener Tape is removed, there may be some adhesive residue on the window frame - this can be removed with bathroom silicone-sealant remover which you can find in most hardware and DIY shops.

For wooden window frames, we recommend using Frame Fasteners.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

customer reviews

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Sue, 24-May-2021

Really works well and ideal when grandson comes to stay.

Patricia, 12-Nov-2015

The Velcro and the loop tape work brilliantly. I have used them with blackout material to make blinds for three windows this morning, and it felt like an achievement!

Annie leathes, 30-Mar-2015

Excellent way to use blackout blinds

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