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SleepSoft earplugs with free eye mask

SleepSoft earplugs with free eye mask £ 9.95 In stock

We have found these latest generation earplugs to be outstanding in effectiveness and comfort. Use to reduce excessive ambient noise and snoring noise whilst crying baby, door bell or alarm buzzer sounds remain sufficiently audible.

SleepSoft earplugs

  • Reduce ambient and snoring noise levels
  • Stimulate a good night’s rest
  • Optimum fit, no pressure in or on the ear
  • Soften due to body heat in the ear
  • Give no sense of isolation
  • Don’t protrude from the ear


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Ideal for anyone with a snoring partner or a noisy neighbourhood, these earplugs are equipped with a special filter which allows for certain sound frequencies to be heard, but limits others.  As a result, it removes the nuisance of traffic noise, snoring sounds, neighbour and other ambient noise whilst at the same time allowing high frequency sounds such as a crying baby, door bell or an alarm clock buzzer to remain sufficiently audible.

These earplugs are produced from a unique, durable, soft, flexible plastic and can be fitted into the shape of the hearing canal within a few minutes just by using the temperature of the ear.  The open canals in the filters of SleepSoft earplugs ensure that there is no unpleasant pressure on the ear, and do not give a sense of isolation

In summary, you can enjoy a good night’s rest!


The laminated structure of SleepSoft earplugs is produced from a unique, durable soft flexible plastic. The earplug easily fits into the shape of the ear canal within a few minutes, due to body heat and thus is very comfortable to wear. If necessary, you can adjust the lamellas to the shape of your ear canal.

How to Clean

SleepSoft earplugs can be cleaned easily using lukewarm water and little soap. With good care, these earplugs should last for one year.

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Maud, 29-Nov-2020 Very comfortable

Very comfortable, peace at last thank you

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