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easyblackout blackout blind kit

easyblackout blackout blind kit £ 23.95 In stock

Includes a choice of attachments for both upvc and painted wooden window frames. 

Complete darkness is easily achieved by ensuring that there are no gaps around the window where light can enter.  Our unique design incorporates excess fabric on each of the four edges - this stops light from entering around the blackout blind.

Easyblackout fabric attaches directly to self-adhesive attachments (included) on the window frame. 

You can also use it with our suction cups (not included, but available on the 'Accessories' page) to use your easyblackout when away from home.

Between uses, instead of removing your blackout blind, you can use our magnetic tiebacks (pictured, but not included) to hold your blind open - these are available to purchase separately on our Accessories page.

This kit is suitable for use on both painted wood and upvc window frames.


Availability: 996 in stock

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Cutting Service (+£6.95)

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*300cm maximum width / height   *29cm minimum width / height


how it works

  1. Cut the easyblackout fabric to the shape and size required for your window.  For the best degree of blackout, we suggest ensuring an overlap of at least 2cm on each of the four edges.  This excess should 'fold around' and sit against the window recess or surround.

  2. Apply your choice of self-adhesive attachment (included) depending on your window frame type.  For upvc window frames apply the Frame Fastener tape all of the way around the window frame.  For painted wooden window frames or for short-term use on upvc apply the Frame Fasteners around the window frame - we suggest one strip in each of the four corners, with additional strips along the top at approximately 30cm intervals.  If needed to hold the blind against the frame additional strips can be used down the sides.

  3. Press the easyblackout material against your choice of attachment on the window frame and hey presto, blackout!

  4. Open and close daily as and when required.

cutting service

We can cut your blind to size if you wish.  Please measure your window including all of the frame, ie from wall to wall.  Please add 4cm to the height and to the width measurements.  This gives the small overlap on each of the four sides which is required for best blackout.  Please note that we will cut the size you tell us, we don't add the 4cm.

Please make sure  your measurements are accurate and take account of any protruding handles as we cannot refund cut to size blinds unless we have made a mistake.  Please contact us if you would like any help or advice with this.

The smallest size we cut is 29cm in either height or width.

We normally only send offcuts of a substantial size, but you can tell us in the comments box during checkout whether you wish to receive these or not.

sizes & more info.

Size 1    100cm x 135cm    Includes 5m Frame Fastener tape and 16 Frame Fasteners
Size 2    150cm x 135cm    Includes 6m Frame Fastener tape and 16 Frame Fasteners
Size 3    200cm x 135cm    Includes 7m Frame Fastener tape and 16 Frame Fasteners
Size 4    250cm x 135cm    Includes 8m Frame Fastener tape and 20 Frame Fasteners
Size 5    270cm x 135cm    Includes 9m Frame Fastener tape and 20 Frame Fasteners


Each kit includes attachments to make one blind of the maximum size.  If you would like to use any kit to make two or more smaller blinds, you may need additional attachments - you can find these on the Accessories page.

Easyblackout fabric can be cut with sharp scissors to the shape and size required.  It does not fray and does not need a hem.

'seconds' kits

From time to time, we have some easyblackout material that isn't quite perfect in appearance - it is perfectly usable, but may have some small marks so we can't sell it as 'first' stock.  We think it would be a shame to throw it away so we offer these kits at a discounted price.  It is a bargain really, because when your blackout is up, you can't see it anyway!

Only the fabric is different in seconds kits - all other included components are the same as 'first' kits.  The only difference is that there may be some small marks on the fabric (and these are often on the reverse).

All of our seconds blackout blinds and fabrics are listed on the 'Bargains' page - availability can change daily, and these do tend to be very popular, so it is worth checking regularly if there is something in particular you are looking for.

customer reviews

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Corinne, 6-Dec-2020

I live in a listed cottage with shutters and the space is too awkward for a roller blind. This works perfectly in my son's room to block out the light. I love it so much, I am buying another one to use as a thermal blind on a different window which is single glazed and draughty.

Alice I, 31-Oct-2020

Great product and easy to use. I got frustrated at the GroCompany blinds as they still let in a lot of light at the suction cups. As you can cut these blinds to size and fasten with Velcro, they are far more efficient and blackout the room perfectly for my baby.

Lynsey, 26-May-2020

Great product and really helpful and professional company!

Victoria, 24-May-2020

This is a really excellent product. It literally blocks out even a glimmer of light so that the room is pitch black. It was very easy to put up as well. I am just about to order another one for a different room as I am so pleased with it.

Lynsey, 23-May-2020

What a brilliant company! So helpful and efficient, brilliant communication from Maddie. And what a difference the blinds have made, got a good nights sleep for the first time since moving to our new house. Really easy to put blinds u p to. 5 stars!

Nicola, 26-Jul-2019

I’m not normally one to leave a review but I definitely had to make an exception in this case. These blinds are amazing - the answer to my prayers. Not a glimmer of light gets through them. In fact, my 3 year old asks me every morning if it’s still night time!! The customer service was exceptional, really first class. The order process was so simple and delivery was really quick. The blinds were so easy to fit, it literally took me 5/10 minutes per window. Cannot recommend easyblinds enough. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Stephanie, 21-Jun-2019

My seven-year -old daughter’s room is now completely dark and finally she falls asleep quickly. Having the blinds is an absolute game changer for my husband and me. I called the company for advice on what product I should get for our type of windows - Maddie took a lot of time to answer my many questions and the blinds arrived very quickly. Also important to know: you get a lot of Velcro strips with the delivery.

Neville Turner, 10-Jun-2019

Excellent item, completely blocks light coming in to point of total darkness although does require a bit of pushing down at edges once up to achieve this, only issue i've had is velcro tabs not sticking securely to window frame and coming away when taking blind down but highly recommend this product

Gianna, 3-Jun-2019

We ordered two black out blinds from Easyblinds in July 2017 and they have been in daily use since. They are incredibly effective at blacking out our toddlers room. No light gets in at all. The fabric is good quality and very robust. The Velcro strips are still working perfectly. My parents have even bought some for when we stay at theirs. Very prompt and helpful customer service

Melanie Pretorius, 26-May-2019

These blinds are brilliant! They are easy to put up and the customer service was excellent. I was given very clear instructions on how to measure and how to put them up and they came so quickly! I am honestly very impressed and would recommend this company and product to anyone. I will also be ordering more for another window in our house.

Dans Meadow, 18-Sep-2018

Thank you for your excellent service. Initial phone call, Samples sent, measurements taken, seven blinds delivered all within a week. Great Service, Perfect fit, Fantastic product. Will definitely recommend. Andrew

Margaret, 11-Jul-2018

Thanks so much for product which does exactly what it says it does.

Margaret, 11-Jul-2018

Thanks for a wonderful product which does exactly what it says. Can't wait to get rest of windows covered.

Margaret, 11-Jul-2018

When I came across this product I was sceptical. I ordered one on Friday which came next day. I was so pleased that it does exactly as it says it does, and I can't wait for the 4 more I've ordered. It will be so good to not get up with the sun. Thank you.

Ionela, 22-Jun-2018

I bought two easyblackout with removable attachments for my son’s room . Easy to order , the team on the other end is very helpful and my blackout blinds arrived the next day . Very easy to attach to the windows and not at all light coming in . I’m so happy that my son will sleep better in day time . Thank you very much .

Liz in London, 31-Mar-2018

Amazing! I am a shift worker and struggle to sleep with any light. These blinds do exactly what they say they will - black out all light. There is no light leakage from the sides (which I have had with other blinds), and they were easy to adhere to the window (I bought the command strips and used these on a painted wooden window frame with no problems). I 100% recommend these blinds to anyone who wants a complete blackout experience. I am very happy with the product.

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