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easydoor fanlight and transom blind

easydoor fanlight and transom blind £ 9.95 In stock

Fanlight and transom windows can be difficult to cover with a blind.  This kit gives you a quick and easy blind which can be fitted in no time, and is convenient and neat.

Perfect for arched or standard windows above a door, this fabric can be cut to any shape, and attached in no time using the included self-adhesive fasteners.

There is no sewing involved, no drills, screws or frames, and no other fittings are required.


Availability: 999 in stock

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how it works

The blind is held to the window above the door using Velcro® Brand fastener stickers - these are self-adhesive, simply remove them from the backing sheet and press in to place on the window frame.

To hang your blind, simply press your easyblackout fabric against the fastener stickers on the frame.  It will attach, and can be removed and replaced whenever required.

size & more info.

Easydoor fanlight and transom blinds measure 50 x 90cm.

These blinds use easyblackout fabric which can be cut to size with sharp scissors if necessary to make a good fit - it will not fray and does not need a hem.

The adhesive we use on our Velcro® Brand fasteners is suitable for use with uPVC doors and is durable for frequent use.

Please note that the adhesive, although not permanent, is quite strong and could pull paint or varnish away from wooden doors if the finish is not sound.

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