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easynight blackout blind - home version

easynight blackout blind - home version £ 15.55 In stock

Complete darkness is easily achieved by ensuring that there are no gaps around the window where light can enter.  Our unique design incorporates excess fabric on each of the four edges - this stops light from entering around the blackout blind.

This easynight blackout blind for use at home includes easynight blackout fabric and removable self-adhesive fastener strips so you can quickly and easily install an effective blackout blind.

Comes with a handy bag for packing your blackout away between uses.

Available in a range of sizes to cover windows up to 300cm x 145cm and suitable for use on painted wooden or upvc window frames.  

Please note that this blind does not include suction cups - the travel version with suction cups is available on the portable blinds page, where you will find a selection of travel blinds.  Alternatively you can find suction cups on the Accesories page - simply add a pack of suction cups to make this blind portable.


Availability: 873 in stock

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Width (cm)

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Cutting Service (+£6.95)

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Height (cm)

*300cm maximum width / height   *29cm minimum width / height


how it works

To make your blind, simply

  • arrange self-adhesive Frame Fastener strips around the window frame
  • apply self-adhesive Fabric Fastener strips to the silver side of your easynight fabric to correspond with the Frame Fastener positions on the window

Your easynight blackout blind can now be attached and removed quickly and easily - apply and remove daily as required.

This fabric can be cut to size if required, it does not fray so there is no need to hem.  If you prefer not to cut the fabric, then it can be used with the excess hanging down or to the sides.

cutting service

We can cut your blind to size if you wish.  Please measure your window including all of the frame, ie from wall to wall.  Please add 4cm to the height and to the width measurements.  This gives the small overlap on each of the four sides which is required for best blackout.  Please note that we will cut the size you tell us, we don't add the 4cm.

Please make sure  your measurements are accurate and take account of any protruding handles as we cannot refund cut to size blinds unless we have made a mistake.  Please contact us if you would like any help or advice with this.

The smallest size we cut is 29cm in either height or width.

We normally only send offcuts of a substantial size, but you can tell us in the comments box during checkout whether you wish to receive these or not.

sizes and more information




 100cm x 145cm

 with 16x fabric and frame fastener strips


 150cm x 145cm

 with 16x fabric and frame fastener strips


 200cm x 145cm

 with 16x fabric and frame fastener strips

Extra Large

 230cm x 145cm

 with 16x fabric and frame fastener strips


 300cm x 145cm

 with 20x fabric and frame fastener strips








More information

Easynight fabric is black on one side and silver on the reverse - the silver side faces out of the window in use, for better heat and light reflection.

Easynight fabric can be cut to size without fraying - please use a sharp scissors for best results.

Size XXL can be cut to make two smaller blinds if required.

The removable frame fastener strips included can be used on painted wooden or upvc window frames.  

'seconds' kits

From time to time, we have some easynight material that isn't quite perfect in appearance - it is perfectly usable, but may have some small marks so we can't sell it as 'first' stock.  We think it would be a shame to throw it away so we offer these kits at a discounted price.  It is a bargain really, because when your blackout is up, you can't see it anyway!

Only the fabric is different in seconds kits - all other included components are the same as 'first' kits.  The only difference is that there may be some small marks on the fabric (and these are often on the reverse).

All of our seconds blackout blinds and fabrics are listed on the Bargains page - availability can change daily, and these do tend to be very popular, so it is worth checking regularly if there is something in particular you are looking for.

customer reviews

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Louise milburn, 5-Jun-2021

I bought this from Amazon after reading good reviews. We have blackout curtains but the light appears at the top and bottom. This blind is the best thing ever. It fits close to the glass and stops the light. We have used blinds before but they didn’t sit close enough to the window and also became stained from condensation over time. Being able to remove this blind resolves the problem. We will just use it in summer.

Louisa, 15-Jul-2020

I had read before buying the blind that this company has good customer service so I wanted to write this review to confirm that is definitely the case. After about a week of using the blind I noticed a very tiny hole (I'm talking around 1mm). This hole let light through so I wanted to fix it and considered putting some dark tape over it. I wasn't sure whether this would cause more damage so I emailed the company with a photo of the hole and asked for their advice. I was honestly expecting them to tell me how best to fix it but, when I checked my emails at the end of the day, there was a message from Easyblinds saying they had sent me a replacement blind by first class post. This was such a nice surprise and I really think companies that make this kind of effort should get credit. The blind itself works brilliantly and, given the importance for your health of sleeping in total darkness, i

Emma Williams, 30-Jun-2020

Absolutely amazing a definite must have my baby was waking 5am as soon as sun came up as even though we had blackout blind and curtains because didn't sit completely flush there was a small gap all the way round where light came in. Theses cut down to size no fraying. So they fit absolutely perfectly inside the frame meaning no gaps and light. Really happy with product. Delivery time was fast. Highly recommended.

Laura Sheldon, 30-Jun-2020

I absolutely love this blackout blind - I now have 3! My baby & toddler are certainly sleeping longer now I have one on each window in their rooms. I found the order process very easy with excellent communication with the company, my order arrived quickly and the instructions for use were very easy to understand. I would not hesitate to both recommend this product to friends & family, and to order again if needed. We might get a portable one for when we go on holiday. I'm delighted with it!

Allie T, 10-Nov-2019

I am so happy to have found this product - all of my windows are unconventional shapes/sizes, and it's great to find a material that doesn't fray when cutting to size. It really does block out the light, and I'm looking forward to using it in the summer months to prevent the sunlight from overheating my flat. Very easy to apply, and a really good quality product.

Heather, 1-Jul-2019

This product is absolutely fantastic! My elder child of 5 could not get to sleep with the light summer evenings despite having a conventional blackout blind-it still let in so much light whilst my baby was awaking with dawn at 4am (he also had a conventional blackout blind). This item is easy to install and you can take it on the go and it is entirely effective and blocks out all of the light. Both sleeping issues have thankfully being resolved. Better still, I received this item within 24 hours! Incredible service!

Fiona Reid, 1-Apr-2019

Wow - I love this! I don't normally leave reviews but am so delighted with product. We have a massive bedroom window - 3m wide which the sun streams in through. I have tried black out curtains with no success and had given up and bought an eye mask when I came across this site when I was looking for black out material for another window. Bought the Easy Night blind just to see as about to have 2nd baby and the prospect of only a few hrs of dark each night over the summer not appealing. It took about 5 mins to attach the velcro - fits perfectly on window and takes a grand total of 30 seconds to put up and down. What a difference..!!! No idea what time it was when I woke up this morn!!! Very happy- thank you and would highly recommend

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